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6 Pack Stability Training

6 Pack Stability Training

Earn a razor sharp six pack by forcing the core muscles to balance the torso as nature intended during 6 Pack Stability Training. Three different execution patterns for the respective work sets offer strategic variety to maximize training output and overall transformation progress. Short rest periods combined with movements done in a superset fashion and high levels of effort can create excellent fat burning conditions. Hydro bags partially filled with water shift forces in an unpredictable manner throughout the set creating the opportunity for more core muscle engagement.


6 Pack Stability Training

Earning a great six pack is a matter of improving core muscle development while lowering levels of body fat. 6 Pack Stability training can optimize fat burning hormones and metabolism for 48 hours following each training session when the right recovery accelerating and muscle fueling protocols including 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are in place. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time formula taken before training can enhance fat burning capabilities tremendously through metabolic and hormonal pathways.

6 Pack Core Stability Med ball
Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around training is the ultimate stack for rapid recovery, fighting fatigue, increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel, protecting hard earned muscle during harsh training conditions and more. Dr. Eric Serrano MD created the scientifically engineered ratios of amino acids within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder based on many years of highly successful patient research.

Multiple Execution Patterns

Each of the three work sets uses a different execution pattern to offer strategic variety by changing the number of reps and strategic pause positions. Clients with more training experience need the most strategic variety during training sessions to avoid plateaus due to the maturity of the nervous system (brain). In other words, the longer you have been training the grater the importance of program design to create progress especially as a client aims to break into single digit body fat percentages to show off a razor sharp six pack. Incremental performance improvements should be made with every weight training or fat burning interval session to maximize the release of fat burning hormones while boosting metabolism.

Strategic Pauses Drive Up Fat Burning

A strategic pause such as the ten second pause on bottom of the unbalanced core lunge offers tremendous challenge for the legs as well as the core. In addition to body weight the hydro bag partially filled with water adds load and shifting forces. The purpose of the pause is not a break in the action. Maintain muscle tension with perfect posture without the back knee touching the ground. The strategic pause creates a longer set with more challenge for the reps following the pause. Challenging sets with these parameters are extremely effective for body fat loss, especially for females wanting to firm up in all of the right places.

4 to 8 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules before a training session increase peak power and the strength endurance necessary to maintain a perfect pause position such as a rear leg elevated lunge. Dr. Serrano implements if famous lunge pause sequence set as a patient challenge in his office on a regular basis which often include hefty wagers. GCX10 creates razor sharp mental focus and an increased tolerance for exercise related discomfort while containing zero stimulant ingredients.

Training Anywhere with Water Movement

Devices such as a hydro bag filled with water offers tremendous flexibility to train at home, while traveling or elsewhere during these unprecedented times. Partially filling the water bag enables to the forces to shift during exercises which add tremendous challenge for the core muscles to stabilize. Advanced clients can activity shake or shift the bag during sets for a greater level of core engagement.

There is no more time for excuses not to train due to gyms being closed or other problems. Training productivity is absolutely crucial for excellent body composition, daily energy and a high quality of life. A few short sessions per week can make a big difference. A combination of 5 well planned weight training and fat burning interval sessions each week forms the foundation for the most dramatic physique improvements. A total of 5 exercise sessions per week of 45 minutes or less does require an investment in time, however clients consistently report that improved mental and physical energy make them much more productive throughout the work day.

Hydro bags are great for travel as when they are empty they are only a few pounds can easily be placed in a suitcase. Training outdoors offers fresh air, social distance, vitamin D from the sun and less time invested in commuting to a gym.