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3 Phase Execution Sets

3 Phase Execution Sets

Three distinctly different execution patterns are utilized during the same set to provide fresh stimuli necessary for excellent rates of physique transformation. Customizing the repetition speeds will place a greater emphasis on body fat loss, muscle growth, performance improvement or a combination of the three based on your individual needs during 3 Phase Execution Sets.

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson

3 Phase Execution Sets

The second phase of each set includes a ten second pause at the mid way point of the rep which is extremely beneficial. Dr. Eric Serrano MD explains that the intense contraction of the muscles during pause improves insulin sensitivity. Improving insulin sensitivity is a crucial component to accelerating rates of body fat loss and maintaining fat loss progress over the long term.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder with 3 Phase Execution Sets

100% MR accelerates recovery to minimize muscle soreness while provide a very powerful energy source for hard working muscles especially with a reduced carbohydrate diet.  Muscle Synthesis Powder floods muscles with the ideal ratios of raw material building blocks while sending powerful fat burning signals to the brain without stimulants. Combined with water into one drink around training 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are the perfect physique transformation solution stack.Dr. Eric Serrano MD who has mutant pulling strength was able to adjust the band tension over the course of the set and complete several additional pull up reps without the bands to finish his 3 Phase Execution Sets.

Strip set methods for advanced clients

Clients who want to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time must manage the weight loads to fit their goals during every set. Our clients have had great success when using aggressive loading for the first two phases of the set before reducing the weight load for the third phase. For example Scott Mendelson used 65 pounds for the controlled 10 reps followed by the ten second pause. At that point Scott was nearly “cooked” so reducing the weight load to 50 pound dumbbells made sense for final 20 reps of the set.

Personalized 12 Week Training and Nutrition Plans

12 week personalized weight training, nutrition and fat burning interval programs deliver excellent physique transformations. Scott’s clients earn great progress using time efficient strategies while improving daily energy levels for work, recreation, training and any activity that supports a higher quality of life.

Personalized 12 week weight training, nutrition and fat burning interval programs by Scott Mendelson are very powerful transformation tools. Highly effective tactics can be customized and very easy for clients to execute with great confidence each week. A high level of confidence in both the training and nutrition plans is crucial for driving the consistent execution need to maximize metabolic as well as hormonal momentum.

Each Set Has Three Parts

3 Phase Execution Sets divide a single set into three parts with different repetition speeds to increase strategic challenges. The execution pattern is largely the same for all exercises in this routine. Three seconds up, no pause, three seconds down, no pause. You can use this controlled speed for 10 reps and then pause at the mid-way point of the rep for 10 seconds and finally 20 reps using a fast pace. The final 20 reps must utilize the proper form while lifting the weight load in an explosive fashion to take advantage of conditions created by the first two phases of the set.*

Beat records each week

Do not consider the inability to reach 20 well executed reps during the third phase of the set as a failure. Record how many reps were earned and aim to beat that mark during the following week by a couple reps with proper form. Do not reduce the weight load for the first and second phases of the set just so you can coast through 20 reps at the end.

Weekly performance improvement drives physique transformation

Improving performance each week is extremely important for those who are wanting lose maximize body fat loss, muscle growth, competition performance or a combination of all three. The body responds most favorably to improved performance each week followed by accelerated recovery with each session.

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