Strip 18 Long Head Biceps Curls

Strip 18 Biceps Long Head Curls

Strip 18 Long Head Biceps Curls build biceps like baseballs with well executed reps and load adjustments. Never quit on a set by using strip set weight load adjustments. The weight load may decrease once or twice during the set before getting 18 excellent reps. Pick a weight load that you can use for nine reps and see how it goes before stopping one rep short of failure.

Strip 18 Weight Loads

Let’s say you choose 20 pounds and feel that you approaching failure at rep 9. Grab the 15 pound dumbbells to get nine more reps with great form and the set is completed. The drop in load should be ten to 20% depending on what weights increments are available.


Strip 18 Long Head Biceps Curls Bottom

The Strip 18 Training system offers a lot of flexibility so clients can train in busy gyms without any hassle. Keep at least ten degrees of elbow flexion on bottom of the biceps curls for full range of motion without stressing the elbows.


Strip 18 Long Head Biceps Curls

Long Head of the Biceps Recruitment

The long head of the biceps is often less well developed than the short head of the biceps due to an imbalance of training. Typical curls can recruit the short head very well, but leave less stimulation for the long head. The high finish point demonstrated in the Strip 18 Long Head Biceps Curls video shows you how to recruit the long head with the high finish point which ads tremendous challenge to every single rep.

Sit in an upright position with the upper back touching the bench throughout each rep. The head should be in proper position and look straight ahead. Bring the elbows up to the high point and do not let them flare outward. Remember that if you feel failure approaching it is time to reduce the weight load which can be done twice during a set before reaching 18 reps. It is ok to reduce the weight load even at rep 16 if need be.

Money Reps

The last few reps of a set that are performed properly are very important. Many people stop well short of their training capacity during a set due to fear of failure of the inability to push through some muscle discomfort. Powerful metabolic and hormonal conditions are created the longer the set goes on in many ways making the last few reps crucial when using proper form. More muscle fibers are exposed and fat burning hormones can peak at this important point in time.