Prone Bilateral Trap 2 Lift

Prone Bilateral Trap 2 Lift

Train your upper back effectively with the Prone Bilateral Trap 2 lift. Use a thirty degree incline bench to arrange yourself in a comfortable position. The palms will face the ground during the entire movement. The objective is to raise the dumbbells as high as they can go within a natural range of motion.


Prone Bilateral Trap 2 Lift

Gaining full range of motion on top of the exercise is critical. The last few inches of range will be very difficult and will limit the weight load that can be used. Experienced trainees may need to start with as little as 2.5 pound dumbbells to start and should progress to higher weight loads as the form and execution are perfected.

Strategic Pauses

Holding the strategic pause at top of the rep is very important which can be anywhere from two all the way up to six seconds depending on the client needs and goals.  Personalized weight training programs will note the exact tempo execution which can change on a weekly basis to keep stimuli fresh throughout the six week training phases.

Range of motion

There can be differences in range of motion achievement for either arm which is not abnormal. At times a restriction can be in place due to weakness, poor muscle recruitment, muscle imbalances, injured tissues and more. Executing the prone bilateral trap 2 lift correctly on a consistent basis with excellent recovery support will help to balance out strength levels between the two limbs fairly quickly in most situations.

The top contraction should be felt primarily in the traps and rear portion of the shoulders. Concentrate on generating force from those muscles and not swinging with the arms. The thought process taken during the exercise is very important for targeting muscles correctly.

A very strong client who focuses on proper recovery methods may progress quickly from 2.5 pounds to 10 pounds in each hand over the course of a 6 week program. However this is not the case for all trainees pending many factors. This movement is never intended for heavy loading.