Cable Loaded Fly by Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Cable Loaded Fly by Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Cable Loaded Fly by Dr. Eric Serrano MD supports chest growth by stretching muscle fascia and loading the muscle fibers with fresh stimuli. This is a great movement for those who are very tight in the pecs like Scott Mendelson. The exercise should use a relatively weight load as the movement is for rehab purposes and to stretch out the muscle fascia.

Cable Loaded Fly by Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Loaded Chest Cable Fly for Stretch and Growth top

Loaded Chest Cable Fly for Stretch and Growth top position must allow the elbows to maintain the same bend throughout the repetition to keep the focus on the chest muscles and not the ligaments. The stretchy position on bottom of every rep is a perfect opportunity to pump growth materials into working muscles by sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre, during as well as immediately post training.

The 5-25 Chest Transformation Training System utilizes Cable Loaded Fly by Dr. Eric Serrano MD at the start of the training session which sets the stage for highly productive chest and back training to follow.

The pause at the bottom of each rep is very important for the proper stretch and muscle fiber stimulation. The time length of the bottom pause is very important and can vary based on the client needs. For example a client that is very strong, but who lacks flexibility may use an extended bottom stretch position for as long as ten seconds based on the experimentation of Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

Extended pauses also add to the challenge of the concentric portion of every rep also know as the lifting phase. Momentum is lost during the bottom stretch which makes the pectoralis major and pectorals minor work very hard to lift the weight during the Cable Loaded Fly with Dr. Eric Serrano MD. The rep ranges will also vary for each individual client, but this is not a high repetition exercise in the fly position.

Squeeze the dumbbells together on top

Imagine crushing a coin between the dumbbells on top of the rep for a greater contraction of the chest muscles. At this point the pecs should be contracting intensely. A coin has a small surface which would make it very hard to keep in place if it were to be placed between the dumbbells. This visualization technique helps clients improve the contraction quality with even distribution of the forces through both surfaces of the dumbbells with equivalent rotation of both hands. The top contraction can be the same time length as the bottom contraction or make differ.

Here is an example of a protocol we used at the start of a chest and back training session with a client.


A1.Cable Loaded Fly with Dr. Eric Serrano MD3(4-6)3-5-1-560
A2.X Lat Extension incline pause3(4-6)1-5-5-160