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5-25 Chest Transformation

5-25 Chest Transformation

Accelerate your physique transformation with 5-25 Chest Transformation Training. Stimulate the chest muscles grow, become stronger, fix imbalances and create excellent fat burning conditions for up to 48 hours following each training session. 5-25 Chest Transformation Training stimulates the often neglected pectoralis minor and pectoralis major with specialized exercises invented by 56 year old powerhouse Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Pre exhaust with 5 heavy Dumbbell Press reps followed immediately by 25 push ups to create excellent conditions for muscle growth as well as body fat loss.

5-25 Chest Transformation

The last two months of the year is when most people pack on body fat, waste muscle and experience a very low energy as well as quality of life. Bust out of that viscous cycle and put these highly productive workouts into place especially on holidays including Thanksgiving to prevent packing on body fat while feeding hungry muscles. Those wanting even faster rates of muscle growth can consider training twice on Thanksgiving Day and use a big lunch and dinner for post workout growth meals.

Cable Loaded Fly with Dr. Eric Serrano MD

The stretch position at the bottom of the cable loaded fly is a great opportunity to flood chest muscles with the perfect ratios of growth materials within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder. Pausing for three seconds at the bottom of each rep allows Dr. Eric Serrano MD stimulate the often neglected pectorals minor muscle while feeding the area with growth materials from the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder.

  • Pre Exhaust Muscles for Maximum Fiber Stimulation
  • Target the Pectoralis Minor for a Bigger and Stronger Chest
  • Create Excellent Muscle Growth and Fat Loss Conditions Before Holiday Feasts
  • Maximize natural anabolic hormone levels with short sessions
  • Break sets for competitive muscle growth

Maximum Holiday Body Transformations

Make great use of time off during the holidays including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Football Tailgates, Holiday Parties, Christmas, and New Years’ with the naturally anabolic conditions created by 5-25 Chest Transformation Training. A couple hours before a holiday feast is the best time to weight training as the muscles are primed to suck up extra carbohydrate especially when 3 Alpha Omega M3 are used to during the post workout feast to optimize naturally anabolic insulin levels. In general weight training sessions should be kept under 60 minutes and in some cases closer to 40 minutes pending the individual client capacity to recover.

Stop holiday body fat accumulation

5-25 training protocols with short rest periods allow clients to pack a lot of sets into a short period of time to maximize the release of fat burning hormones while elevating metabolism for up to 48 hours following each well planned session. These conditions are perfect before a large holiday meal as fat burning hormones and metabolism are peaked before a ton of calories are consumed.

Training Pectoralis Minor

An underdeveloped pectoral minor can lead to injury, lack of strength and sub optimal development of the chest. Training the pec minor correctly can make the entire chest look bigger and fuller within a matter of weeks under the right recovery conditions. The bottom stretch position on a curved bench as displayed in the videos is an excellent way to wake up the pec minor.

Training the pectoralis minor with 5-25 Chest Transformation

Accelerating recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder support ideal conditions for body fat loss as well as muscle growth through multiple proven pathways.

The 5 heavy incline dumbbell reps and 5 pull ups pre exhaust chest as well as back muscles respectively. Performing the 25 reps following the heavy work is a whole different ball game so to speak from may perspectives.

Break sets for faster muscle growth

Earning 25 high quality push up reps in 4 parts following 5 incline pressing reps using 80 pound dumbbells is very challenging. The feeling of accomplishment when the well executed workout was completed was great for natural testosterone levels. Many people are missing out on the anabolic potential of their training session by not having the proper fueling or mind set for intense training.

Break sets with push ups

GCX10 enables clients to crank out more quality reps during 5-25 Chest Transformation training to take advantage of excellent muscle growth conditions created during extended sets of push ups and lat pull downs. The high dosage of ATP, Lactoferrin and Glycine Dr. Eric Serrano MD formulated in specific ratios dramatically improve performance during intense training sessions while attacking stubborn body fat without stimulants.*

Never Miss a Muscle Growth Opportunity

Notice during the videos that getting 25 well performed push ups in a row was very difficult. During week one Dr. Serrano took 5 sets to get 25 great form push ups during his second set of the 5-25 Chest Transformation Training due to accumulated fatigue. During our workout which was week 2 as demonstrated in the videos he was able to get all 25 reps in 4 sets by doing 10 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps and 5 reps for a total of 25 grueling push ups. The feeling of accomplishment naturally boosts testosterone and drives progressions each week.

A1.Loaded Cable Fly3(6-8)3-4-1-260
A2.X Lat Extension incline pause3(6-8)3-1-2-460
B1.Neutral grip Pull ups(3-5)53-2-1-110
B2.Wide Grip Lat pull down*(3-5)252-1-1-175
C1.30 Deg Incline DB Press(3-5)53-2-1-010
C2.Push Ups*(3-5)252-1-x-075
* Break Set Technique