20-15-10 Pressing Complex

20-15-10 Pressing Complex

Start your training session with the 20-15-10 Pressing Complex to ignite fat burning hormones and metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hours following each session. Michelle Fitzgerald and Peter Baird perform three pressing movements all in a row with very short rest periods to boost fat burning from multiple proven pathways.

20-15-10 Pressing Complex

Changing the pressing angle for each set helps to target different cross sections of the muscles while preventing joint over use. We start with a 45 degree incline for the first set, followed immediately by a 30 degree incline angle and finally a 10 degree incline for the last phase of the set.

20-15-10 sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder

Sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder between sets help the body burn more stored fat as fuel while accelerating recovery between sets. Improved performance driven by faster recovery enables the body to generate higher levels of fat burning hormones with more calories burned during each 20-15-10 training session.

The 45 degree incline uses 20 reps, the 30 degree angle uses 15 reps and finally the ten degree angle requires 10 reps. This rep sequence and the changing incline angles were not chosen at random. They were assembled to maximize performance measured by the average weight load per rep with proper form.

Great performance drives bigger increases of fat burning hormones during 20-15-10 fat loss trainingGradually increase the weight loads with proper form and rep speed from week to week to gain the most fat burning benefits out of each session. The body responds very well to consistently improvements in performance.

The burn is good

The burning sensation within the muscles during intense training sessions is a clear signal that lactic acid is increasing which is great. Lactic acid is a pre cursor to growth hormone which is a potent fat burning hormone. The more lactic acid- the greater the fat burning potential. However lactic acid spikes will cause the muscles to seize up during training. The scientifically engineered ratios of amino acids within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder allow will allow you to push through spikes of lactic acid while increasing the burning of stored fat as a fuel source during training.*