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Time Variant Upper Body Training

Time Variant Upper Body Training

Hold a weight load at the mid point of a rep for 30 seconds for maximum muscle activation and fat burning hormone generation. Time Variant Upper Body Training represents a fresh approach to transform body composition, reduce the likelihood of injury and to sky rocket strength levels for both men and women.

Time Variant Upper Body Training

Time Variant Upper Body Training execution is a completely fresh set of stimuli for the muscles and there is scientific method to the madness. Prepare for awesome muscle pumps and feeling very “lively” during every session by conquering difficult tasks. Anyone who tries the TVT routine below will realize the tremendous challenge in place during the very first of three pauses as part of the first set.

If It Was Easy – Everyone Would Be In Great Shape

So here is the sequence: Perform 3 normal reps and then immediately pause for 30 seconds at the mid-way point of the rep. Use a stopwatch or a smart phone to keep the time periods accurate as the mind will want you to quit early due to the shear muscle burning created. The three reps following the first pause are brutally hard as much of the elastic energy is gone while the muscles are very fatigued from the first pause. Then it is time immediately for another 30 second pause followed by 3 gut testing reps and finally one last 30 second pause. All of that hard work is just one set!

Time Variant Shoulder, Back and Arm Training

4 to 8 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer capsules before Time Variant Training sessions will improve weight load capacity especially during the paused periods. The scientifically engineered dosage of ATP, Glycine and Alpha GPC Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed pay off big time for serious trainees who are wanting to maximize their rates of body transformation. Improved performance in the gym results in higher levels of fat burning hormones and more muscle fiber stimulation necessary for rapid body transformations. Clients visit Dr. Serrano and Scott to train in Columbus Ohio are impressed with the improved performance output when taking the GCX10 which contains no stimulants.

Watch the videos above and take a moment to consider what is happening within the muscles and to the hormonal environment as reps are performed following the thirty second pause periods. The reps must start from practically a dead stop following an extended period of pre fatigue. Time Variant Upper Body Training. These conditions are a fantastic opportunity to stimulate a wide cross section of muscle fibers that are not so easy recruited with traditional training methods. Why? The duration and challenge of traditional sets becomes very familiar and requires less and less of a response from the muscles.

Massive Muscle Pumps

You earn a pump like no other with Time Variant Upper Body Training which indicates increased blood flow. The bigger the pump, the more blood flow to act as a nutrient super highway to deliver 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder raw material to hungry muscles throughout the training session. Instead of massive break down, the muscles will fire on all cylinders by using a combination of stored fat and amino acids as a powerful alternative energy source. Topping off the tank with the remaining synergistic amino acid blends can support faster muscle growth for men.

TVT Training

Sip 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after Time Variant Training sessions to accelerate recovery, increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel and lay the ideal raw material foundation for excellent muscle repair. Dr. Eric Serrano MD many spent years perfecting the scientifically engineered ingredient ratios based on patient trials, hormonal blood work, body composition testing, published research, muscle biopsies, performance reviews and more.*


Sets Lasting for a rock solid 2 minutes

Each time variant shoulder and arm training set with the exception of the pull ups will last nearly 2 minutes when you count the length of the pauses and the reps. Compare this to the typical set of twenty to thirty seconds in length for the average trainee. Muscles will respond by spitting out lactic acid like crazy which helps to surge growth hormone levels- critical for body fat loss. This is one of the many reasons Time Variant Upper Body Training is so effective for fat burning.

The Big Finishers

After two work sets one finishing set will be done with 12-14 reps for each movement. This is the time to go all out with nothing left to spare. The muscles and nervous system are primed and ready to go following the two Time Variant Upper Body Training sets. For example after 2 sets of TVT Pull ups Dr. Serrano performed a finishing set with 160 pounds on the lat pull down for 14 reps and it felt easy when normally that would be a very challenging weight. It was not his imagination, rather the TVT sets have a distinct impact on the nervous system to increase strength while the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis keep muscles well fueled despite difficult conditions.

Smashing strength records

The finishing sets are a great opportunity earned to stimulate more muscle fibers and to generate higher levels of fat burning hormones for the many hours following each training session. During the next week Dr. Serrano cranked out 14 reps with 170 pounds during his lat pull down finishing set and again it felt great! Time Variant Shoulder, Back and Arm Training


Time Variant Training Curls

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time formula taken before all exercise sessions creates an optimal metabolic and hormonal environment for maximum fat burning. Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed the specialized ingredient ratios to bust through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning while mobilizing more stored fat to be used as fuel during exercise. A 30 day trial including 30 patients demonstrated the increased daily caloric expenditure of over 500 calories per day for the participants which is extremely significant. The Fat Reduce FBO5 Night time formula helps clients transition into restful sleep to wake up in the morning feeling very well rested while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel.

Check your ego at the door

Start with a conservative weight and do a warm up set or two to establish the best weight load for the first work set during week one. One of the objectives of the time variant shoulder, back and arm training be to increase weight loads over the following weeks as your muscles and nervous system respond well to the battle tested program below. You can be particularly aggressive with the finishing sets while emphasizing proper form.


Time Variant Shoulder, Back and Arm TrainingWorkout NameSetsRepsPauseTempoRest
A1.TV Pull Up*23+3+315 sec2-1-1-175
A2.TV DB Shoulder Press23+3+330 sec2-1-1-175
B1.Pull down1 or 2(12-14)na3-1-1-160
B2.DB Shoulder Press1 or 2(12-14)na3-1-1-160
C1.TV Seated DB curl23+3+330 sec2-1-1-175
C2.TV Supinated Cable Tri Ext23+3+330 sec2-1-1-175
D1.Seated DB curl1 or 2(12-14)na3-1-1-160
D2.Supinated Cable Tri Ext1 or 2(12-14)na3-1-1-160
E1. Serrano Extensions2(6-8)na3-1-1-110
E2.Shoulder Lateral Raise2(6-8)na3-1-1-260

*A TV Lat Pull down can be used in place of the TV Pull Up.