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Targeted Carb Consumption Improves Fat Loss

Proper post workout meal structure will make your carbohydrate consumption into a fat burning weapon while improving performance and muscle glycogen replenishment.

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

My top priority for the next 2 months is to lose body fat, especially around the mid-section and my thighs. I am confused by the conflicting information regarding post workout nutrition. Most advise whey protein and a quickly absorbed carbohydrates which leaves me feeling tired and bloated. I am busting my butt in the gym 4 days per week for an hour each session, but the body fat is just not dropping like it should especially around my trouble areas.


Carbs for fat burning

Metabolic and hormonal conditions are optimized for targeted carbohydrate consumption during the meal following training. A customized approach is necessary to maximize your rate of body fat loss considering food sensitivities, goals, body weight, stress levels, training volume, timing of the training session and more.

Post workout carbohydrate

Your current intake of 60g of carbohydrate from tropical fruits and whey protein immediately following training is creating a poor response based on the bloating, fatigue and your lack of stubborn fat burning progress. We need to change the amount and source of carbohydrates while getting rid of dairy protein which is not digesting well. Dairy protein powders in general provide too little, too late to support the rate of success our clients demand. Over time you have built a sensitivity to highly concentrated dairy proteins which are now more of a metabolic distraction than a benefit.


Targeted carbohydrate consumption is an important macronutrient cycling strategy built into the KISS Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.

Targeted carbohydrate consumption is an important fat burning macronutrient cycling strategy built into the KISS Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.*

Whey protein causes bloating

Difficulty losing body fat, gaining muscle, gas, bloating, sluggishness, rashes, joint pain, poor performance and more indicate poor digestion as well as nutrient utilization. These distractions prevent the body from allocating more resources to burning fat and repairing muscle.


Target Carbohydrate Intake with Alpha Omega M3 to drive nutrient into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells.

Target Carbohydrate Intake following training with Alpha Omega M3 to drive nutrient into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells.*

Post exercise carbohydrate benefits:

  • Increases insulin sensitivity*

A correctly structured post workout meal can improve insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone and if your insulin sensitivity is poor for a number of reasons you will spend too much time stuck in super fat storage mode.

Naturally increases testosterone levels which is crucial for fat burning and high daily energy levels. Men rely on optimal testosterone levels to increase or preserve lean muscle tissue. Women will not experience accidental muscle accumulation from appropriate carbohydrate intake.*

  • Post weight training carbohydrate teaches the body to burn fat in many ways and increases fat burning enzymatic activity.*
  • Helps to optimize thyroid levels naturally which is a key hormonal marker for fat burning and daily energy.*
  • Lowers cortisol levels which otherwise stimulate stubborn fat accumulation and muscle wasting.*

Clients who are approaching 12% body fat need to get rid of the stubborn fat that otherwise obstructs razor sharp core definition. Love handles can also be very stubborn. Exercise increases cortisol levels naturally, however if the levels remain elevated they stimulate stubborn fat storage. The 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and a correctly structured post workout meal provides the best of all worlds for fat burning and recovery.*

  • Replenishes muscle glycogen levels*

Appropriate amounts and carbohydrate sources consumed with the meal following training helps to replenish glycogen levels which support higher training intensity and ultimately greater rates of body fat loss. Alpha Omega M3 taken with the meal post training drives raw materials including carbohydrate into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells.*

  • Positive impact on mental state from a conservative amount of carbohydrate consumption goes a long way to support improved nutrition plan execution.*

Fruit intake can cause body fat storage

Tropical fruits such as bananas, pineapple and mangos that you were consuming have a high natural sugar intake. The total fructose intake each day from fruit consumption has also been problematic for you.

Personalized fat loss nutrition plan

Based on our email discussions during the personalized 12 week training and nutrition plan information collection phase I have put together a protocol for you below that we will refine based on your progress and feedback. There were several important points of information provided that helped us build the right suggestions for your needs. Women in particular must be careful with total caloric intake and often get carried away with the amount of food consumed post training. Part of this problem comes from the types and amounts of carbohydrates consumed which increase hunger levels.*

Pre training nutrition protocol

30 minutes before training to set the stage for body fat loss and great performance.*

2 scoops 100% MR

2 scoops Muscle Synthesis

Mixed together with water into one drink

4 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer to attack stubborn body fat while supporting elite training performance.*

Post training nutrition protocol

Immediately following training to optimize recovery rates and fat burning hormone levels.*

2 scoops 100% MR

2 scoops Muscle Synthesis Powder

30 to 45 minutes following training wholefood meal

1 cup of rice

30g of protein from chicken, cage free eggs, fish or seafood.

½ avocado

3 Alpha Omega M3 to promote stubborn fat burning conditions while pushing carbohydrate into muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells.*

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