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Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat

Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat

You can eat big time on Thanksgiving and other holidays without gaining body fat or becoming sluggish for days by using our 5 proven strategies. We have perfected these strategies to Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat accumulation over the last 20 years based on extensive client feed back, hormonal blood work evaluations, body composition testing, digestive capacity evaluations and much more. The average adult gains ten to twenty pounds of unwanted body fat during the last two months of the year. Additionally the preventable hormonal and metabolic trends leading to the holiday body fat accumulation linger for months which makes body fat loss very difficult even during the New Year while eating “clean”.

Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat

  • Knock down fat storing hormones
  • Avoid the killer ingredients that cause fat cells to multiply and expand
  • Train 2 hours before holiday feasts to rev up metabolism and fat burning hormones
  • Supercharge digestion with EZ14 to stop sluggishness associated with extended sugar intake
  • Keep billions of fat cells clean and pristine with a high dosage of Alpha Omega M3
Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat with Scott Mendelson

Enjoy a guilt free Thanksgiving by adding the Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst to your holiday feasts. The scientifically engineered ingredient ratios determined by Dr. Eric Serrano MD interfere with body fat accumulation and sluggishness through multiple proven pathways. Use 6 Alpha Omega M3 and 2 EZ14 with your holiday meals to create hormonal, metabolic and digestive conditions that contribute to your physique transformation goals.


Knock down holiday fat storage hormones

Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone which elevates with increased intake of carbohydrates and especially sugar. Including ample amounts of free range turkey and organic dietary fat sources such as extra virgin olive oil salad dressing help to mitigate the insulin response from holiday feasts. Dr. Serrano designed the specific ratios of essential fats within the Alpha Omega M3 including toxin free EPA/DHA (fish oil), CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and flaxseed oil to optimize insulin sensitivity which keeps fat storage capacity in check during holiday feasts. The Alpha Omega M3 development process included many years of evaluating patient hormonal blood work to see the exact impact ingredient ratios had on insulin levels making it a great tool for Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat Accumulation.

Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat Accumulation

looking forward to a holiday vacation? 4 to 8 GCX10 taken before a training session dramatically improves performance and attacks stubborn body fat without stimulants. A higher level of performance during training measured by higher weight loads with more quality reps compressed into highly dense training sessions can have a more positive impact on insulin sensitivity than a lower effort exercise session. The lactoferrin ingredient within the GCX10 not only reduces visceral fat in research settings, but also has fat cell cleansing properties.


Train two hours before the holiday feast

Weight training or fat burning intervals create excellent conditions for holiday feasts. The 5-25 Chest Transformation program is a great system to Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat as it burns a ton of calories, stimulates a wide range of muscle fibers and creates metabolic conditions that are perfect for holidays feasts. We mentioned insulin being the post potent fat storage hormone earlier in this article. Our objective following training is to optimize insulin levels and not to eliminate them. Intense training regularly and on the day of a holiday feast can improve insulin sensitivity which means the body can release less fat storage hormones. Increased exercise is a key tool for Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat not only by increasing rates of fat burning, but also lowering appetite for sugar and other refined foods.

Men wanting more muscle and less body fat

Weight training a couple hours before a holiday feast helps to drive tons of growth materials into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells. 3 to 6 Alpha Omega M3 with the post workout meal containing carbohydrates especially optimizes naturally anabolic insulin levels to support faster muscle growth and body fat loss. Thanksgiving and other holidays are the perfect opportunity to weight train twice in the same day with a massive post workout meal for each session.


holiday meal digestion problems

Dr. Eric Serrano carefully calibrated the EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst to help patients deal with holiday meals so they can avoid many common side effects such as low energy and excessive body fat accumulation during the last two months of the year. Taken daily EZ14 can break down a coating that forms around fat cells called perilipin . Perilipin makes the mobilization of stored fat as fuel more difficult regardless of caloric intake or exercise volume.

It is not just the turkey that is causing sluggishness following holiday meals. Large meals full of refined foods require the digestive system to work much harder than normal circumstances. Fatigue, bloating, stomach upset, joint pain, irritability, difficulty breathing, low motivation levels to exercise and other symptoms can indicate poor digestion. EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst taken right before a holiday meal can help the body improve digestion efficiency to cut back on the side effects. Those who feel lousy following Thanksgiving are the ones who are taking extra slices of pie and pigging out on Black Friday to self-medicate.

The body does not make enzymes to deal with many ingredients present during holiday meals such as gluten. As a result the digestive system ties up valuable resources to break down foods which results in less resources available to burn fat, repair muscle and drive high energy. Do yourself a favor and try the EZ14 before holiday meals and throughout the holiday season to Stop Thanksgiving Body Fat, fuller muscles and better daily energy.

In and Out Burger Animal FriesIn and Out Burger Animal Fries

Foods fried in Corn oil ingredients cause billions of fat cells to swell creating a larger fat storage warehouse. Taking 3 Alpha Omega M3 with meals on a regular basis helps to cleanse fat cells by providing the ideal ratios of essential fats discovered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to force larger garbage out of cells in exchange for the good stuff. This cellular exchange allows billions of fat cells to collectively shrink in size which is a governing factor of the ability to lose body fat over the short and long term.


Avoid the killer ingredients

Foods fried in corn oil, canola/soy bean oil, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and trans fats not only cause rapid body fat storage, but also negatively impact the ability to lose body fat in the future. Bread for example and most packaged goods have preservatives to extend shelf life. These same ingredients get lodged in fat cells and are very hard to get rid of as they screw up normal fat cell function making the mobilization of stored fat as fuel more difficult. It is easier now than ever to avoid these ingredients by looking at ingredient labels and shopping in the right locations. Quite simply a pumpkin pie without trans fats will taste better and have less of a negative impact on your vulnerable fat cells.