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Stationary Contraction Home Training

Stationary Contraction Home Training

Contracting as hard as you can against a stationary object such as a wall stimulates muscle fibers and activates fat burning hormones tremendously. Multiple strategic thirty second pauses during lower body exercises provide tremendous challenge without any external load and can be absolutely anywhere. Zero equipment is needed which means no excuses should be made due to gym closures, traveling or lack of time. Various positions contracted for 22 seconds or longer are much more challenging than they appear when the right level of effort is applied. Stationary Contraction Home Training is a perfect solution during a stay at home order to improve body composition, strength and quality of life. 3 Full Training Sessions are provided below to give you the opportunity to thrive during these unprecedented times.

Stationary Contraction Home Training

  • Naturally boost IGF1 for Localized Body Fat Loss
  • Prevent loss of muscle and strength associated with reduced activity
  • Reduce stress on joints by eliminating external load
  • Improve daily energy and reduce stress
  • Increase blood flow to hard working muscles
  • Boost fat burning hormones and metabolism
  • Fresh Muscle Stimuli
  • No equipment needed

22 Seconds of All Out Effort

We have used these strategies for years for personalized program clients who are traveling to remote locations without training equipment. Pushing extremely hard against the stationary object will build up lactic acid levels. High levels of lactic acid lead to big increase in natural growth hormone which is very powerful for body fat loss.

Stationary Contraction Chest Work

Each contraction with a high level of effort recruits muscle fibers and creates excellent fat burning hormonal conditions.  100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around each Stationary Contraction Home Training sessions accelerates recovery, improves performance and drives faster body transformations with scientifically engineered amino acid ratios developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

The limited range of motion may be more comfortable for trainees than other movements due to existing injuries. Stationary contractions are a great way to train the muscles without external weight load. Dr. Serrano often includes the Doorway press as a warm up protocol during patient shoulder training sessions to prepare the shoulders for other movements with load. The doorway press is so difficult that even two well executed sets can reduce the weight loads used during subsequent shoulder pressing sets which helps clients to focus on proper form while maximizing body transformation benefits.

Stationary Contraction Home Training Squat

Holding the parallel position of a squat for thirty seconds creates a burning sensation that helps clients make physical and mental connection to the effort needed to maximize rates of fat burning. Localized releases of IGF1 have a dramatic impact on localized body composition improvement. Taking the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day time before exercise creates unmatched fat burning conditions by optimizing hormones, mobilization of stored fat, boosting metabolism and shutting off fat storage receptors.

Fat Burning Intervals Twice Weekly

Two fat burning interval sessions each week with three Stationary Contraction Home Training workouts are a powerful combination to improve body composition. Strive for Five with 5 total high quality exercise sessions per week to support an elevated rate of fat burning throughout the 7 day week. String together four weeks of Strive for Five to experience a significantly faster rate of progress when the correct recovery and nutrition tools are in place.

Venues to consider at home include jump ropes, sprinting outside, bicycles, stairs and other venues that are safe while not aggravating joints. Intense sprints followed by periods of lower intensity repeated multiple times have proven to be highly effective for clients aiming to maximize body fat loss and conditioning without sacrificing hard earned muscle. Afterburners following fat burning interval sessions are highly effective and great for stress reduction.



Stationary Contraction Home Training
ExerciseSetsContraction Rest
Day 1
A1.Contracted Lateral Raise422 sec45
A2. Supinated Triceps Contraction422 sec45
A3.Wide Doorway Press422 sec45
A4. Biceps Contraction Hold422 sec45
A5. Doorway Press422 sec45
A6. Knuckle Biceps Contraction422 sec45
Day 2
A1.Strategic Pause Lunge430 sec60
A2.Doorway Hamstring Contraction430 sec60
A3.Time Paused Squat430 sec60
A4. Praying Hamstring Contraction430 sec60
A5.Standing Unilateral calf raise430 sec60
A6. Seated Hamstring Contractions430 sec60
Day 3
A1.Stair Push Ups4(8-10)45
A2.Towel Row4(8-10)45
A3. Chest Contraction 422 sec45
A4.Lat Table Driver422 sec45
A5. Low Hand Chest Contraction422 sec45
A6. Low Hand Back Contraciton422 sec45