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Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies


Before weight training sessions geared to fat loss or fat burning intervals you will want to set up ideal hormonal and metabolic conditions to support your success. The Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies used depend on not only your goals, but also the timing of your sessions.


Relying on pre workout formulas including high levels of stimulants can waste muscle and increase stubborn body fat deposition by spiking stress hormones.


Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

“I review tens of thousands of hormonal blood work tests each year. I know right away when a patient is using heavy stimulants pre training as their stress hormones are through the roof. These same stress hormone elevations kill fat burning and can increase stubborn belly fat and leg fat deposition. Muscle fullness and performance also begins to suffer before I work together with the patient to fix the problems.” Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

GCX10 increases peak power and strength endurance for all activities while attacking stubborn and visceral fat without any stimulants. Enjoy razor sharp mental focus and break through competition performance needed to maximize rates of fat burning with a proprietary blend of ATP, Lactoferrin and Glycine assembled by Dr. Serrano.

Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

  • The best snack food choices and timing before training
  • Attacking belly fat for men and lower body fat for women with proven methods
  • Assembling the ideal lunch to set up fat burning
  • Fat burning and muscle preservation tactics for extended fasted periods
  • Getting rid of stubborn fat by reducing stimulant intake
  • High energy strategies for training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

You cannot reach peak rates of fat burning without excellent training performance. Training hard with steady improvements on a weekly basis requires the right attitude, program and fuel sources for the muscles as well as the nervous system.

Set the fat burning tone of the day

Roll out of bed and take a quick look at motivational picture, quote or a calendar counting down to an important event. This will help you gain focus and make the exercise session much more satisfying. If you cannot train first thing in the morning, take 10 to 15 minutes to walk outside or do something active to get the juices flowing which has a great impact on energy for the next several hours in addition to fat burning.

Many years of experience helping clients earn fantastic fat loss results has helped us conclude that training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is highly effective for a large percentage of the population who are not in a disease state. Executing a morning session ensures that no other schedule conflicts or obligations get in the way of training later in the day so this is a great habit for busy people in particular.  It can take some getting used to, but after a few weeks the transition works very well for most clients.

Setting the stage to burn more stored fat as fuel and peak performance

Training on empty stomach first thing in the morning is a great fat burning opportunity when the right recovery conditions are in place to protect hard earned muscle. You wake up in a fasted state at least to some degree pending on what you consumed the night before and the time of the last feeding. The fasted state can be great for fat burning, but also dangerous for muscle loss if the right steps are not taken.  Each pound of muscle burns a significant amount of calories 24×7 so want to whatever you can to protect the capacity of your calorie burning engine.

 Burning Nutrition Strategies

Dr. Eric Serrano MD scientifically engineered the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to be combined with water and sipped 30 minutes before and leading up to the exercise session. The proprietary blend of amino acids prepare the muscles and brain for training without the use of any stimulants, carbohydrates or sugar. Years of patient research including detailed hormonal blood profiles helped Dr. Serrano figure out the exact ingredient ratios needed to force the body into using more stored fat as fuel while protecting hard earned muscle.*

Faster Recovery Drives Faster Fat Burning

Watch your recovery rates between sets improve as the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis provide a powerful alternative energy source for muscles which is especially important for clients using a low carbohydrate diet. Improved training efficiency measured by more high quality work into gradually shorter training sessions of 45 minutes or less translates into big jumps in the rates of fat burning. We see this on a daily basis with clients who consistently execute their programs.

Snacks before training

Common training times for our clients include during the lunch break, mid afternoon and right after work. It is ideal to schedule a meal within an hour following training which is why suggest training right after work when possible so clients can consume dinner with their families during the early evening. Assuming a client trains at 6 pm it is great to have lunch at noon and a snack at 4 pm for example. The small meal must be easily digested, fuel training performance, readily accessible during the busy work day and support fat burning conditions. Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

Alpha Omega M3 helps the body respond for favorably to all meals

Alpha Omega M3 proprietary essential fatty acid ratios developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD help the body shift into fat burning mode when taken with meals. The special blend of toxin filtrated EPA/DHA (fish oil), CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Flaxseed oil optimizes insulin sensitivity and fat cell function.*

Raw nuts combined with organic meat sticks or jerky is a great snack combination to lift energy while eliminating hunger during training. It is very important to rotate these sources to avoid food allergies, intolerances and irritations. Low energy, stomach upset, bloating, joint pain and more can indicate that something you ate did not cause a good response. Any of these problems are to be avoiding at all costs headed into intense training.

Rotate Food Sources

Rotate raw almonds, cashews, macadamias, pecans, pistachios, walnuts and more. No peanuts as they are actually a bean and in general not as helpful as other options. The ingredients on the packaging should be nuts and salt only. Watch out for added oils which end up interfering with fat burning.

Organic jerky options include beef, bison, pork, turkey, and more. They should not have added sugar, trans fats or ingredients you cannot pronounce. Meat sticks should also be organic due to the superior protein and dietary fat content and come in a variety of flavors with tear off packaging as a part of Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies.

Grass Fed Beef for Fat Burning

Add Alpha Omega M3 to meals to support a fat burning metabolic and hormonal environment based on the specialized essential fatty acid ingredient ratios. Optimize fat cell function and insulin sensitivity.

Lunch should be a larger meal when training takes place around 6 pm. Personalized nutrition programs will differ greatly for clients, but there are some general lunch nutrition rules for body fat loss. Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies focus on organic grass fed beef including steak, ground beef, hot dogs, hamburgers and more on weight training days.

Always include adequate dietary fiber from 2-4 cups of green vegetables in addition to a salad with addition vegetables and no cheese! Add ½ avocado or 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil from a dark bottle or can. Avoid all commercial salad dressings as most have canola oil, soy bean oil and other ingredients that should be avoided. Use at least 3 Alpha Omega M3 capsules with lunch to help the body respond more favorably to meals from a fat burning perspective. 

Coffee boost

Some days when you are desperate for a boost it is ok to drink a stiff cup of coffee. The less frequently that you use stimulants such as caffeinated coffee, the better they work for increasing energy. The reduced frequency also will allow you to use a smaller amount of coffee which helps to avoid the side effects associated with increased stimulant intake. Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

Not a morning person?

Dr. Serrano and I typically train in the early to mid afternoon as it is best for schedules. I certainly would not call myself (Scott) a morning person so I choose to do a short morning routine and always train during the afternoon. We are well known for not eating until following training which may be a fasted states of 18 hours or more depending on the timing of dinner the night before. The fasted protocols are a topic for a future article, but we bring this up to illustrate the point of conditions can be manipulated to support your success.

We never start a workout before the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and 8 GCX10 are consumed. Due to the fasted status we do believe that more raw materials are needed in our case so we use an additional serving of the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis during training in addition to pre and post. Pre Workout Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies