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Multi Stage Fat Burning Sprints

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Dr. Serrano and Scott I have seen many of your client transformation pictures over the years so you must be doing something right. What cardio systems do you recommend to maximize body fat loss? I am 18% body fat measured by calipers and have never been able to get to 12%. I increased the amount of cardio to an hour 4 times per week and I think I am getting the “Skinny Fat” look. James Milwaukee.

Dr. Serrano’s literature research and extensive patient experimentation has led us to use a three stage system which is highly effective for body fat loss as well as conditioning. The key to success is depleting glycogen (stored carbohydrate) so that the body can burn more stored fat as fuel during subsequent stages of the interval session. We call the final stage of the session the Afterburner- just like a fighter jet your body will be burning fuel- in this case stored fat at very high rates.*

We have seen many clients significantly improve their rate of fat loss with two to three interval sessions per week that are 30 minutes or less including warm up. The leaner the client- the greater the importance of the program design to include multiple venues and interval strategies.*

Do Not Get “Skinny Fat”

James we do not recommend cardio in the traditional sense of the word for someone with your situation and goals. Steady state cardio is not effective for body fat loss and can actually increase stubborn fat deposition by spiking stress hormones. We reviewed your pictures and caliper tests which reveal that you have lost muscle over time while your stubborn fat sites including the love handles and abdominal have climbed. This indicates a catabolic hormonal trend which requires strategic changes to your weight training and nutrition plan to rebuild your fat burning engine.*


The proprietary blends of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder force the body to use more stored fat as fuel during training while protecting hard earned muscle.

The proprietary blends of ingredients scientifically engineered by Dr. Serrano within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder force the body to use more stored fat as fuel during training while protecting hard earned muscle.*

Interval Sprints for Fat Burning

We use a variety of interval sprinting programs to maximize body fat loss based on individual client needs. 18% body fat is by no means “fat” the average American male who is in what most would consider good shape is probably well above 20%. You want to get to 12% and this will require a focused effort with an emphasis of quality over quantity. A personalized weight training, nutrition and interval plan can get you down to 12% in a 12 week period or less with the right quality and consistency of execution. “Cardio” is a common area where trainees are cancelling out the good work they are doing with weight training and diet.*

Warm Up

First we suggest a warm up such as a quarter mile jog to break a sweat and prepare the muscles for high performance. A dynamic warm up is very important for complex activities such as sprinting on a track or other functional venues. Venues such as a recumbent bike, stair climber elliptical etc. do not require a dynamic warm up in most cases.* personalized programs

Earn your ideal body with personalized weight training, interval sprint and nutrition programs built for your needs.*

Glycogen Depletion Sprints

A series of high intensity sprints with relatively short active rest periods in between are performed to deplete muscle glycogen. The body has many safe guards in place to store glycogen in case of emergencies even when someone is consuming a low carb diet. Interval sprints fire up metabolism through several critical pathways and elevate rates of fat burning for many hours following the session.*

5-10 sets

50 yard sprints on a track or grass

30 to 45 seconds rest between sprints

Sprint Intensity Redefined

A sprint in our opinion is 95% effort which is a much higher work output than what people are accustom. The explosive medicine ball throw and interval sprint session video of Dr. Serrano drew a lot of comments from viewers who gained a new perspective regarding high levels of effort. It is human nature to make ourselves think we are working very hard physically, when in actuality we are not.*

Performance benchmarks such as running 100 yards in 12 to 15 seconds should be put into place to drive greater rates of fat burning over time. It will take time to build your intensity levels and you should consult your doctor before starting an interval program to ensure there are no medical conflicts*

Boost Peak Power and Endurance

GCX10  Physique and Performance Enhancer taken 30 minutes before intervals or weight training has a huge impact on peak power as well as strength endurance. The high dosage of ATP supports higher quality sprints which in turn boosts fat burning hormones. ATP also helps to sustain a high level of performance through several rounds of interval sprints which will enable you to pack more high quality work into a relatively short period of time. Lactoferrin attacks visceral and stubborn fat while glycine improves mental focus without the use of stimulants.*

Ideal venues for your needs

A customized approach to interval sprint plans is ideal to handle all of the details and to build progressions each week to drive faster rates of body fat loss. For example our clients may use a combination of venues during the same session such as sprinting combined with explosive medicine ball throws for functional core work. Many of our clients in warm climates like many pool venues which offer great challenges. Just like weight training there must be the right plan in place to maximize your progress.*

Other venues include a weight loaded sled, jump roping, battle ropes, cycling, rowing, hill runs, ice skating and more. A large variety of venues helps to prevent staleness. Many different venues can be done at home if you have the will power. A lack of time is no excuse especially when you get rid of the travel time to the gym.*

Turn On Your Afterburners

Following the sprints is the time to turn on the after burners just like a fighter jet to torch an incredible amount of stored fat as fuel. Immediately following the sprints run ½ to 1 mile total in a set period of time such as 10 to 12 minutes.

Keep sessions short

It is human nature to want to improve faster by adding more work. However in this case due to the delicate balance of hormonal factors a longer after burning session can be counterproductive. You do not want stress hormones associated with muscle wasting and body fat deposition to rise with a longer session.

Two-A-Days on Weekends

Clients seeking very fast rates of body fat loss to prepare for a wedding, vacation or business event for example may perform several short interval sessions over the course of a week to increase their rate of fat burning. The schedule may be very busy which limits training on certain days of the week. Implementing a morning and afternoon interval session on a weekend day for example works very well when the correct program is put into place and adjusted based on client performance and recovery rates.*

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis can increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel.

The proprietary blends of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder force the body to use more stored fat as fuel during training while protecting hard earned muscle. The higher the quality of your sprinting performance- the faster your fat burning progress will be earned. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis taken before and after your sessions will improve recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system to prevent the brutal soreness that will otherwise preventing you from doing more than 1 interval session per week.*


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