Fitness Tips

High Metabolic Demand Training

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Unique training executions offer fresh stimuli for the muscles as well as the nervous system. As a result ischemic strength training movements burn a tremendous number of calories during each set while stimulating a wide range of muscle fibers. Take advantage of this awesome workout to prevent body fat accumulation and to build momentum towards your New Year goals.*

Ischemic strength training

Ischemic resistance training is well documented in studies for many benefits which sparked Dr. Serrano’s imagination several years ago. Since that time he has created a number of different protocols for his patients which will be the subject of future articles. We have used ischemic strength training techniques for our 12 week personalized training and nutrition program clients with great success for many years.*

Boost calorie burn with every rep

Consider how much harder the muscles must work during ischemic movements. Muscles simply have nowhere to hide as the static hold position for the non working arm is very challenging while the other arm performs the perfectly executed reps. Your muscles have to work twice as hard vs. traditional rep executions due to the specific arm positions and extended length of each set.*

L pull up

L Pull ups and other demanding exercises make the muscles work much harder than standard exercises. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder sipped before, during and immediately after training accelerate recovery while increasing the utilization of stored fat as fuel.*

Ischemic training benefits

Benefits of ischemic training include increasing blood flow to the working muscles, intense nervous system stimulation, optimized muscle fiber recruitment, lengthened time under tension, advanced rehabilitation techniques and much more.*

Customize for your needs

High metabolic demand training works fantastically well for burning body fat, gaining muscle or achieving both at the same time. We make specific program refinements to fit individual client needs and goals as a part of the personalized 12 week program service.*

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis enhance recovery

GCX10 attacks stubborn and visceral fat without any stimulant ingredients. the high potent combination of lactoferrin, ATP and Glycine improves peak power and strength endurance for any activity.*

The structure of the nutrition plan has a governing impact on whether a training routine will primarily burn fat, increase lean muscle or a combination of both. No trainees including women will accidentally pile on muscle.

High effort supports achievements of all goals

Many trainees who are seeking primarily to lose body fat make the mistake of going too easy with weight training or only using “high reps”. This is complete nonsense as intense weight training will have a tremendous impact on fat burning hormones while protecting hard earned muscle.*

We pair two pressing movements and two pulling movements in a row to expose more muscle fibers to stimulation while jacking up powerful fat burning growth hormone levels. Sticking to short rest periods is crucial for maximizing rates of fat burning. Clients wanting to emphasize muscle growth can afford to use slightly longer rest periods to accommodate a higher weight load. In both situations we we recommend using a stop watch to support accuracy.*


A1.Ischemic Serrano Extension2(5-7)3-1-1-245
B1.Ischemic 30 Deg Incline Press3-4(5-7)3-1-1-175
B2.BB Incline Press3-4(5-7)3-1-1-175
C1.Ischemic Pronated Chest Supported row3-4(7-9)3-1-1-175
C2.L Pull up w/Med ball strip set*3-4(5-7) +23-1-1-175
* Medicine ball for 5-7 reps followed by body weight only for 2 additional reps.
Skilled spotter required for all exercises to support proper execution, assistance and safety