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High Intensity Fat Burning Intervals

Rapid Fat Burning Intervals

Dedicate the proper effort when performing high intensity Fat Burning Intervals to transform your body remarkably fast. Two challenging interval sessions per week lasting 10 hellacious minutes have a huge impact on metabolism and fat burning hormones for up to 2 days following each session when the right recovery acceleration is in place with 100% MR and stored fat utilization Muscle Synthesis Powder are utilized pre/post session. The question remains- are you willing to put in the necessary effort to maximize your fat burning benefits? IF so see the protocol below.


High Intensity Fat Burning Intervals

One of the many advantages of using an Assault Bike for High Intensity Fat Burning Intervals includes the Watts gauge which reveals the true and measurable level of effort for each interval according to Chad Ikei. Establishing a high effort watt benchmark is very important and requires departure from the comfort zone. Being able to sustain the watt output throughout the interval session is impossible as some drop off is expected with each passing interval. However the continued high levels of effort lift fat burning hormone and metabolism through the roof.

GCX10 creates tremendous sprinting power without stimulants while attacking visceral fat with lactoferrin. High levels of sprint effort increase fat burning hormones and metabolic rate significantly. The faster you recover by using the 100% MR, the more resources the body can dedicate to rapid fat burning.

Advanced Rapid Fat Burning Interval Program

30 minutes before training start sipping on 2 scoops 100% MR combined with 2 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder with water. 4 to 6 GCX10 capsules and 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time Capsules

5 to 10 minute warm up

10 second maximum effort sprint to establish peak watt output.

Rest a few minutes

10 second sprint followed by 20 second jog pace

Repeat 10 times

3 to 5 minute breeak

10 second sprint followed by 20 second jog pace

Repeat 10 times

Immediately post session

2 scoops 100% MR combined with 2 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder.

Afterburner 10 to 20 minutes

Thriving Within Exercise Induced Discomfort with GCX10

Ideally the first 5 intervals can maintain a 75% of the benchmark interval output. For example if you can achieve 1,000 watts for the first 10 second sprint, you should be able to be above 750 Watts for intervals 2, 3, 4 and 5. Staying above 500 watts is a great achievement for intervals 6 through 10. The entire High Intensity Fat Burning Interval session should consist of 2 revolutions of 10 intervals. Each interval includes sprinting for 10 seconds followed by a 20 second jog pace and repeating that sequence 10 times which should last exactly 3 minutes. GCX10 helps clients push through exercise induced discomfort and creates razor sharp mental focus necessary to go all out with interval sessions.

3 Fat Reduce Day Time formula taken 30 minutes before training creates ideal metabolic, hormonal and stored fat mobilization conditions to take full advantage of Fat Burning Cardio System Sessions. Specific elements of the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Nighttime formulas Dr. Eric Serrano MD formulated burn off stubborn body fat by shutting off fat storage receptors and optimizing the hormonal environment. Men have a higher density of fat storage receptors in the mid section while women have more within the lower body. Shutting off the fat storage receptors with the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Nighttime formulas enables the body to burn more stubborn fat as fuel when the right approach is used with nutrition, exercise and recovery techniques.

Between Interval Revolutions

take a 5 minute break between the first and second interval revolutions to catch your breath and to mentally prepare for the second revolution. Sipping on the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis powder during this 5 minute break will bolster recovery and help to increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel based on the unique ratios of free form amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed within the Muscle Synthesis Powder.

Performing highly intense interval work improves muscle definition and prevents muscle loss especially when using the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder pre/post session. Do not sacrifice hard earned muscle with steady state cardio nonsense.
Afterburners for Rapid Fat Burning

Take a 10 to 20 minute walk following the interval session for increased rates of fat burning. Dr. Eric Serrano MD discovered Afterburners through published research and patient experiments that a short walk following highly intense exercise works very well for fat burning by taking advantage of the special conditions created by interval. Taking 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time Capsules 30 minutes before the interval session creates excellent fat burning conditions for the entire session.

Optimal Frequency for Interval work

Two High Intensity Rapid Fat Burning Interval sessions per week is ideal for most trainees pending recovery factors and other activity commitments. Performing four interval sessions per week at a lower effort is not more beneficial than two interval sessions done correctly. Three weight training sessions and two fat burning interval sessions each week is the right frequency for most 12 week personalized program trainees pending many individual factors

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