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Firm Legs and Razor Sharp Core

Earn firm legs, functional strength and a razor sharp core with rear leg elevated lunge variations. Uncover your six pack by improving core muscle development and lowering body fat levels with advanced tactics.

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Well-designed lower body training offers a fantastic opportunity to improve body composition and functional strength. The firm legs and razor sharp core training program below is designed to accelerate fat burning for both men and women by maximizing the release of fat burning hormones. Many strategic changes can be made to the plan for those who want to gain muscle while losing body fat. Specific tactics can also be applied to the program to support elite level competition performance. Executing the right nutrition and recovery strategies for individual needs as well as goals are also keys to success.*

The importance of strategic variety

Experienced trainees must understand that the maturity of their nervous system due to years of training require the correct stimuli to earn new progress. The second, third and fourth videos within the playlist will be of great interest to experienced trainees due to their advanced tactical content.*

Functional core training

Dr. Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson demonstrate several rear leg elevated lunge variations and protocols. Each movement and tactic demonstrated requires the core muscles to actively engage throughout the exercise as nature intended. Holding a dumbbell in only one hand requires the core to work much harder compared to holding a dumbbell in each hand. Direct core work does play a role with six pack development, but a missing element for many trainees is functional core work built into their upper and lower body training sessions.*


Functional Core Training

A great six pack requires intense execution of the right training tactics. Accelerating recovery with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder reduces muscle soreness while improving performance and the burning of stored fat as fuel during training. Functional workouts such as boxing engage core muscles as nature intended.*

Eating “Clean” is not enough to earn a low body fat percentage

Eating “clean” will only take you so far. Simple to execute macronutrient cycling strategies force the body to burn more stored fat as fuel, increase fat burning enzymes and naturally optimize fat burning hormones. Examples include carbohydrate and dietary fat loading at specific times each week. We pick the right macronutrient cycling plans based on the client goals and current conditions which can vary widely.*

Body fat percentage evaluations

As you get leaner it becomes harder to burn body fat for many reasons. The systems used to get from 20% body fat to 15% body fat may not work to help you go from 15% to 10%. As conditions change we modify the tactics according to client personal needs to support their ongoing success.*

Earn great beach abs with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder

Taken between meals and around training the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis proprietary ratios make the brain believe a massive amount of food has been consumed. As a result metabolic rate increases, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis have no caloric burden.*

Accelerate recovery and reduce soreness

One of the reason many trainees provide less attention or avoid lower training altogether is due to the muscles soreness experienced during the following days. High levels of intensity during training are correlated with both soreness and faster progress. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis can help you minimize soreness during the days following training while enhancing fat burning. The proprietary blend of ingredients also helps to avoid bloating and allergic reactions associated with many food sources including protein powders.*

Scientifically engineered fat burning and recovery

Dr. Serrano scientifically engineered the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis ratios to bypass digestive hang ups so the crucial raw materials can be delivered to hard working muscles, before, during and immediately after training. The ideal ingredient ratios are quickly recognized by the muscles to accelerate the repair process.*

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