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Finishing Set Training to 2X Your Rate of Fat Loss (1 of 2)

A commonly asked question we receive is,

“What training system do you guys suggest to maximize fat loss without losing muscle? I have read several of the articles discussing strip sets, but I am not sure of what weight load to use during the second or third phases of the strip set.”

so we provided the following information in a two part series to ensure you’re maximizing your fitness and fat loss goals:

We highly recommend multi-phase finishing strip sets which demand an all-out effort stopping one rep short of failure with proper form and repetition speed. The objective is to increase fat burning hormones by achieving a very high rate of intensity within a short training session of 45 minutes or less. Compact training sessions help to prevent over training related increases in catabolic hormones associated with muscle wasting and body fat deposition. We make very specific program adjustments based on personalized program client performance, progress and feedback to drive excellent transformations.*

How to Select the Best Weight Load

Yes selecting the correct weight load is vital so that you can gain the most benefit out of every single set. We are often asked how much weight should be used for a particular exercise or training sequence. This all depends on many conditions for each individual client so the best choice is to let the training system parameters determine the load for the finishing set. Quite simply if every rep is not challenging, you are not using enough loading to maximize your benefits!

Your Work Sets Determine the Perfect Weight Load for the Finishing Strip Sets

Following a warm up the first 2 work sets will be done with 8 repetitions stopping one rep short of failure. These sets will determine the load for the first phase of the finishing set (C1 and D1). Due to the tremendous effort required – you will only do one finishing set per exercise. One finishing set done correctly is all that you will need to send fat burning hormones through the roof! More than one finishing set per exercise may be used for advanced clients who cycle the volume of training according to a broader customized protocol.

Load Selection Example- 100 Pound Dumbbell Press

A very strong client will use 100 pound dumbbells for a set of 8 reps of the 45 degree incline presses. He will immediately reduce the load by 50% which in this case is 50 pounds and do as many reps as possible with proper form stopping one rep short of failure for safety purposes. Rest 20 seconds and then using 50 pounds aim for as many high quality reps as possible stopping one rep short of failure. 50 pound dumbbells will feel like massive boulders at this stage of the training session!

Customizable Program Refinements

The amount of load reduction is adjusted for our personalized program clients based on client goals, feedback, training experience, muscle fiber prevalence and other factors. Clients wanting to maximize body fat loss and muscle growth simultaneously are better served with a 25% reduction in load for the strip set phases as the higher loading does a great job stimulating the fast twitch muscle fibers with the greatest potential for growth.*

For information regarding the training routine read part two of our two part series.