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Convert Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Learn how to structure a nutrition plan to transition the body to using stored fat as a preferred fuel source instead of carbohydrate. It takes eleven to seventeen days to convert the body into a fat burning machine.

Dietary fat loading benefits

Increasing the good dietary fat intake from organic provides strategic variety for the metabolism and drastically increases fat burning enzyme levels.*


Dietary Fat Loading

Maximize your progress with a 12 week personalized weight training, interval sprint and nutrition plan.

Fat burning enzymes help to liberate stored fat to be burned as fuel and are readily elevated in response to an increase of good dietary fat consumption.*

Enzyme levels can remain elevated for several days following the fat loading meal even though dietary fat intake returns to normal the same day. As a result stored fat becomes the preferred target for fat burning enzymes which are activity seeking work.*

Clients have also reported the following benefits in addition to substantial fat burning following Dietary Fat Loading.

  • Decreased Stubborn Fat*
  • Reduced Joint Pain*
  • Improved Exercise Performance*
  • Fewer cravings for bad food choices*
  • Elevated Sex Drive*
  • Improved Hair, Skin and Nail quality*
  • Steady daily energy levels*
  • Improved Omega 3 index*

Carbohydrate loading during a post workout meal can improve insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone and if your insulin sensitivity is poor for a number of reasons you will spend too much time stuck in super fat storage mode.*

Naturally optimizing fat burning hormone levels which is crucial not only for fat burning but also high daily energy levels. We do not suggest using simple carbohydrate sources or refined foods as a part of a carbohydrate loading strategy. Plans that advocate the “eat anything you want for a few hours” philosophy are not scientifically sound or effective. Rather they attract people by telling them what they want to hear.*

  • Post weight training carbohydrate teaches the body to burn fat in many ways and increases fat burning enzymatic activity.*
  • Helps to optimize thyroid levels naturally which is a key hormonal marker for fat burning and daily energy.*
  • Lowers cortisol levels which otherwise stimulate stubborn fat accumulation and muscle wasting.*

 Stubborn belly fat solutions

It is very common for belly fat to be very stubborn based on a number of factors for men and women. Women may also have difficulty with lower body stubborn fat. Both scenarios are related to the density of fat storage receptors in those areas as well as hormonal conditions.*

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