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Cancun Club Med Workouts

Cancun Club Med Workouts

Take a vacation while improving your physique with Cancun Club Med Workouts located on fantastic beach front property in Mexico. The fully equipped crossfit gym, cycling classes, outdoor activities and wide array of dining options create opportunities for guests of all ages to have a great time.

Cancun Club Med Workouts

Club Med resorts world wide are known for their excellent cuisine which is unlimited during meal times as an all inclusive resort. Without the right strategies in place ninety nine percent of guests will eat way too much of the wrong food choices resulting in significantly increased body fat levels. While there is an endless lineup of excellent desserts there are also great food choices made available at every venue. Choosing a few meals during a week long vacation to go crazy perfectly fine using the correct strategies to interfere with body fat accumulation such as the Alpha Omega M3 A week long free for all combined with sitting around all day day will pack on body fat very quickly.

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson

Setting a time to exercise while on vacation ensures sessions are executed correctly before days get too busy with other fun activities. The Cancun Club Med Workouts gym is very well equipped include crossfit racks, free weights, medicine balls, stationary bikes, rowing machines and more.

Six Pack Training On Vacation

The big selection of minimal bounce medicine balls created a great opportunity for a ball slam circuit designed to boost fat burning hormones and train core muscles at the same time. You can see the entire Six Pack development training routine and videos for the 2 for 1 Core Conditioning. The action packed sessions take twenty minutes or less pending your conditioning levels.

Accelerate Recovery

It is very important to emphasize rates of recovery any time you are training which is why we suggest the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before and after all exercise sessions. The proprietary ratios of amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD has assembled accelerates recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system so you can feel fresh even after a tough training session.*

Keep in mind that the faster you recover from workouts, the more resources the body can then dedicate to burning fat so you look great on the beaches of Cancun Mexico. There are many training options available during your vacation. It is just a matter of having the right plan in place to take full advantage of your vacation. Remember that if you plan to eat larger meals while traveling it is very important to perform high quality training sessions to prevent body fat accumulation.