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Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies

The keys to developing a great six pack include lowering body fat levels and training core muscle as nature intended in a functional manner. Unbalanced weight load exercises force the abdominal and support muscles to fully engage throughout the entire set while boosting fat burning hormones through the roof for the next 24-48 hours. Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies.

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies

Fresh training stimuli including exercises that you have never done before burn more calories, stimulate a greater number of muscle fibers, excite the nervous system and boost fat burning hormones. All of these elements are crucial for earning a great six pack.

Specialized exercises, training tactics, the number of sets, reps, speed of reps rest periods, super set arrangements and many other elements are customized to maximize our client 6 pack development in a time efficient manner. The 12 week personalized weight training, interval sprint and nutrition plan is perfect for anyone wanting to earn the fastest possible body transformation and performance improvement.

Drive up fat burning hormones for 24-48 hours following every session

The unique training executions combined with short rest periods drive up fat burning hormones through the roof while accumulating a huge number of muscle fibers. An extremely high quality of work paired with accelerated recovery conditions extends the number of days where fat burning hormones will be elevated. Accelerating recovery with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis proprietary amino acid ratios keep stress hormones in check so the body can burn more stored fat as fuel during and for 24-48 hours following training. *

Advanced Six Pack Development StrategiesThe harder you work each set- the greater your ability the increase of fat burning hormones levels during and following each session. Sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before and after training sessions increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel, accelerates recovery, improves performance and lays the perfect foundation for excellent muscle repair.*

Start a metabolic fire

Every challenging rep naturally increases lactic acid responsible for the burning sensation in the muscles when the sets become very tough. Lactic acid is a pre cursor to growth hormone which is extremely powerful for fat burning. The harder we can make a set with strategic challenges- the greater the fat burning potential.  So while the unbalanced foam roller press is improving core muscle definition, the hormonal response to extremely hard work is creating a fat destroying chisel. Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies

Accelerate recovery to maximize physique transformations

Now keep in mind you must accelerate recovery of both the nervous system and muscles to gain the most body transformation benefits from each training session. Due to the shear difficulty of unbalanced loading training you need every recovery advantage you can get. 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis fight fatigue and cut down the rest periods between sets to further enhance fat burning. 

Shorter rest can lead to greater muscle fiber stimulation and higher growth hormone releases. We have found over many years that packing a high quality of work into 45 minutes or less a few times per week works extremely well for fat burning and improving energy levels.

Advanced Six Pack Training Straegies

GCX10 attacks stubborn and visceral fat while increasing weight loads and quality reps with every challenging set.

The morning after

The day following training your muscles should feel stimulated, but not totally trashed with soreness. Extreme soreness and low energy signal overtraining which indicates a poor hormonal environment. The faster you recover from a training session, the more resources the body can dedicate to burning fat and sharpening muscle definition.

Real life movements are unbalanced

The foam roller incline dumbbell press using different weight loads for each arm to develop razor sharp 6 pack definition. The unbalanced loading forces the internal obliques, external obliques, upper pec and hips to engage as nature intended throughout the set. The GCX10 increases peak power and strength endurance while attacking visceral fat without the use of stimulants. The harder the exercises- the greater the impact of the GCX10 to support higher weight loads for more perfect form reps based on Dr. Serrano’s scientifically engineered ratios of ATP, Glycine and Lactoferrin.

The balancing act

The 4 second pause on bottom of the pressing movement forces the core muscles to engage intensely as balance must be maintained while holding dumbbells of unequal amounts on either side. The core muscles must initiate the pressing movement following the 4 second pause in the bottom position of the press. Your core muscles will be hard at work before your pressing muscles can even get started.

Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies

Take the smartest approach to weight training, nutrition and interval sprints with a 12 week personalized plan.

Strategic pauses

The strategic pause on the bottom of each rep is not a time to relax as tension should be maintained the entire time to gain the most benefits from every single rep. Keep the feet firmly planted on the floor to support balance and proper technique. Pausing in the bottom position reduces a large percentage of the momentum that you would typically use to begin the pressing motion. As a result your chest, triceps, front delts and other support muscles must work much harder with every rep.

Sit ups and crunches cause nothing but back pain

Many traditional ab training exercises do more harm than good by making the hip flexors very tight. A high number of traditional ab training reps each week does little for improving core development while being a leading cause for lower back pain. The rectus abdominis muscle was never meant to do crunches. Engaging the core during functional exercises allows muscles to be trained as natural intended which maximizes strength, stability and visual definition.

Take the right approach

Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies are not for a novice lifter or for someone with an injury history. However these concepts will open your eyes to what is possible with the right foundation of training. The unbalanced core training exercises require extra warm up sets to learn the movements properly with a gradual increase of weight loading. The entire training session should only be attempted by advanced trainees who have access to a skilled training partner or spotter.

Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies

Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies
A1.X Lat Extension on incline2(6-8)3-1-1-460
B2Unbalaned Foam Roller Press3(4-6)3-4-x-175
C1Landmine Ishemic Multi grip row*3(3+3+3+3)2-1-1-175

*4 different grips used for 3 reps each. Mixed Grip (left overhand and right underhand) Second Mixed Grip alternate hand position. Third both hands overhand grip. Finally fourth position both hands underhand grip.

The entire training session requires a skilled spotter or training partner to support proper execution. Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies are not a program for beginners or for anyone with a history of injury.