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Advanced Arm Training for Great Arms and Efficient Fat Loss

By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

I have been working my arms twice per week for 6 months and cannot get them to grow. What is the best plan to get great “guns” and lose body fat at the same time without elbow pain? Andy

Andy thanks for sending us your training records which reveal the need to use specialized exercises and protocols to optimize muscle growth and body fat loss. The 9-12-25 system featuring 3 strategically placed movements in a row for the biceps and triceps with short rest periods will stimulate muscle fibers to boost “gun” growth while surging fat burning hormones.

Specialized arm training

Considering your experience levels and aggressive goals of getting a great six pack for the Summer- you cannot rely on prior programs that worked in the past. It is time for strategic change to drive achievement of your goals!

Bill G Infinity Fitness Consultation Client
“My Secret, is Scott (and through him, the dietary and supplementation wisdom of Dr. Serrano). I also credit, and would not think of going without their Muscle Synthesis, 100% MR, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce FBO5 (even when I don’t need to lose fat I use it for energy and building lean muscle mass) and the incredible protein DigestA+Lean Protein.”*

Every biceps movement you have done for the last 6 months such as your seated DB curls and standing barbell curls have focused on the short head of the biceps so now it is time to focus on the neglected long head with specialized exercises to increase arm size and strength with great definition. Your elbow pain may be stemming from multiple factors, but the overuse of cable triceps push downs is a leading cause for sure and again your exercise selection has not properly addressed all three heads of the triceps.


 I have lost approx. 10 pounds in no time ( 1 month ) and most of it was body fat . Scott had me start the supplements and also do the “Kiss Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.” The diet is very easy for me to follow since it consists of 2 whole food meals with 1-3 servings of Muscle Synthesis Powder and 100% MR between meals.

“I have lost approx. 10 pounds in no time ( 1 month ) and most of it was body fat . Scott had me start the
supplements and also do the “Kiss Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.” The diet is very easy for me to follow since it consists of 2 whole food meals with 1-3 servings of Muscle Synthesis Powder and 100% MR between meals.”*


Highly Effective Training Sessions Done Within 30 to 40 Minutes

Only 2 grueling work sets of each exercise are needed following the warm up to get the job done right which will enable you to have a higher level of focus and performance. Focusing on quality over quantity will get you out of the gym in 30-40 minutes which helps to prevent overtraining and deliver faster rates of muscle growth and body fat loss.*

In some cases advanced clients may alternate between 2 and 3 sets based on the week of the training cycle pending their recovery capacity.

Using the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder and GCX10 30 minutes before your training sessions will support a tremendous improvement in your training performance by providing the proper fuel sources for muscles, creating razor sharp focus and increasing your tolerance for training related muscle discomfort that will make your training partner want to quit half way through the session while you push on!*

The 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and GCX10 Strategic Fat Burning, Recovery and Performance Advantages.*

Time under tension can govern muscle growth

Two keys to substantial Arm Muscle growth and body fat loss are the Time Under Tension of each set and the Density of the entire training session. We set the timing of each phase of the rep (3-2-1-1) to make a repetition last 6 seconds- for example when done for 10 reps results in a set lasting 60 seconds.

Controlling the repetition speed reduces shearing forces on the joints while adding a tremendous amount of strategic challenge to each set. Based on years of our observations the average set in gyms across the country takes 15-20 seconds. This is one reason why a large percentage of trainees never earn great results. A 60 second set with a challenging load which increases lactic acid will feel like an eternity for your hard working muscles. Lactic acid is a pre cursor to growth hormone which is a very powerful fat burning force!*

Improve training density

You can improve training density by gradually doing more work in a shorter period of time to stimulate muscle growth and body fat loss. For example during week 2 of the 9-12-25 training program using a higher weight load while reducing the rest periods between sets compared to week 1 is a huge density improvement. A high quality over quantity training approach also great for hormones.

Short rest periods increase fat burning hormones and will test your will to win!

As you can see within the routine below the first exercise uses 9 reps, the second 12 reps and the third 25 reps which alone looks to be very challenging. Enforcing the 20 seconds rest between sets will test your will to win as your muscles will still be burning by the time you start the next set. Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before the training session, between sets and immediately after the training session will enable you to use much higher loads by laying the raw material foundation for muscle growth and forcing the body to burn more stored fat as a fuel source while you are cranking out the great reps.*

Dr. Serrano’s proprietary ratios of raw materials support highly efficient utilization by the muscles allowing for ideal recovery of the muscles and nervous system even using very short rest periods.*

High rep arm finishing sets

Do not be afraid to challenge yourself when selecting a weight load for the set of 25 reps as the sets of 9 and 12 beforehand jack up the nervous system which governs strength levels. The GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer boosts peak power and strength endurance with its unique combination of ingredients that do not include stimulants.*

Increase the quality rep count

It is common for an experienced client to break performance records after a couple of weeks using the GCX10. For example, being able to do a set of 12 reps of an incline DB Press using 100 pound dumbbells when the previous personal best was 8 reps under the same exact training conditions and parameters a couple weeks before. Among other factors the improved training performance drives muscle growth and body fat loss specific to the mid-section.*

9-12-25 for Blazing Guns and Low Body Fat

A1Prone Rev Grip Triceps Kick back#393-1-1-220
A2High Cable Arm Extension3123-1-1-220
A3Close Grip Push ups3253-1-x-190
B1Low Cable Long Head Curl393-2-1-120
B2Unilateral DB Long Head Preacher curl3123-2-1-120
B3Gironda Roll up Curls*3252-1-1-190

# Keep Elbow High and Emphasize Top Contraction
*Use Wall for Back Support

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