X Lat Extension Incline Angle Pause

X Lat Extension Incline Angle Pause

Target the lats, long head of the triceps and other support muscles with this unique cable exercise. Dr. Eric Serrano MD invented the X Lat Extension Incline Angle Pause to help clients improve their mid mad, upper back and long head of the triceps development.


Re balancing Back Muscles

A majority of trainees have better developed pushing muscles in comparison to pulling due to poorly designed training plans. Many sports such as football involve more pushing than pulling which creates larger imbalances over time. Imbalances lead to injury and poor function.

X Lat Extension Incline Angle Pause

Personalized 12 week weight training, interval sprint and nutrition plans include specialized exercises such as the X lat extensions at the start of upper body sessions to make sure neglected areas get the proper attention.

Prevent shoulder pain while pressing

Exercises involving the posterior shoulder area are great for warming up before any pressing movements. Proper execution increases blood flow to the muscles to carry in recovery materials while forcing garbage out. Beneficial changes in posture- shifting the shoulders back into proper alignment can minimize biceps tendon pain.

Accelerate recovery of the muscles and nervous system

We sip the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after training sessions to prevent soreness. The proprietary blends of amino acids Dr. Serrano assembled can improve performance, reduce the time needed between sets and lay the ideal raw material foundation for excellent rates of muscle growth.

There are many versions of the X Lat Extension. Using the incline bench supports and excellent range of motion. Aim to bring the arms down as far as possible while maintaining the correct palm position.

The long head of the triceps will begin to burn in both arms if you are doing the exercise correctly. The long head is taxed significantly when the full range of motion is achieved on bottom of the exercise.

Extended pauses

Pausing at the bottom of the movement where the tension is highest is very beneficial for experienced trainees. Pausing at high tension points can improve the rate of muscle growth as well as strength accumulation.