W Shoulder Press

The W Shouler press targets the supraspinatus and medial head of the shoulder to improve development. Specialized shoulder training movements can reduce the risk of certain injuries by correcting muscle imbalances.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD instructs the proper form with many key coaching points. Beginners will need to use several warm up sets to establish the correct form with low weight loads. Scott H. Mendelson uses 15 pound dumbbells with excellent form and a controlled repetition speed.

The W shoulder press is not intended for heavy loading. Dr. Serrano likes to use the W Shoulder Press as a pre fatigue movement before a traditional shoulder press. The difficulty of the W press stimulates the shoulders while causing some residual fatigue which requires a reduce weight for the traditional shoulder press. The reduced load will be easier on the joints and help to support the proper form.

Consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise or nutrition programs. Anyone with a history of shoulder pain or injury may not be able to execute the W Shoulder Press.