Unilateral Barbell Curl

Unilateral Barbell Curl for huge biceps

Watch Dr. Eric Serrano MD instruct the Unilateral barbell biceps curl. Yes that is a 45 pound barbell we are using for a one arm curl. There are more benefits to this exercise than what you can see at first look.

Stimulate a wide range of muscle fibers

The unique nature of this exercise wakes up the nervous system with the unfamiliar movement. You will feel more fast twitch muscle fibers firing during every challenging rep. Fast twitch muscle fibers have the greatest potential for muscle growth.

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Build Awesome Forearms

Your forearms will be on fire as tremendous effort is needed to balance every ounce of this 45 pounds packed into a long lever. Core muscles will be intensely engaged throughout the movement as your system must balance the entire load.

Proper posture improves results

Keep a slight bend in the knees and use a shoulder width foot base while maintaining an athletic posture throughout the entire set. Aim to look straight ahead to avoid putting the neck into a bad position.