Three Grip Row Complex

3 Grip Row Complex

Starting with the weakest grip offers many advantages to improve strength, development and re balance the musculature to reduce the risk of certain injuries. Starting with a supinated grip (palms facing the ceiling), the second grip is pronated (palms facing the floor) and finally a neutral grip (palms facing each other)

Personalized training and nutrition plan clients may adjust the weight load during the set based on the specific program instructions listed next to the exercise. Pay close attention to the listed notes which may include strategic pauses and other strategic set features.

High density sets improve body composition

Scott H. Mendelson demonstrates a three grip plate loaded row complex with several execution tips. Stay in the power stroke zone to keep tension on the muscles while minimizing joint stress. Monitor the position of your elbows, neck posture and seat height to optimize your rate of progress.

Pre fatigue conditions create opportunities

Going from the weakest to the strongest grip creates a pre fatigued condition which is excellent for improving performance and body composition. The neutral grip is naturally the strongest grip for most trainees. Positioning the neutral grip last in the sequence offers several muscle growth opportunities.

Total time under tension

Notice that the length of the entire sequence is over three minutes with at least 120 seconds under tension making the set highly dense which is excellent for increasing fat burning hormones. The rest periods between phases are kept short to keep muscles firing on all cylinders.