Strip 18 Unbalanced Core Lunge

Strip 18 Unbalanced Core Lunge

Train your legs and you core muscles at the same time with the Strip 18 Unbalanced Core Lunge. Holding a dumbbell in the hand that is opposite the working leg makes the core muscles work very hard throughout the set to balance the torso. Unbalanced load training is one of the proven techniques we use to help clients earn a summer Six Pack.

Strip 18 Unbalanced Core Lunge

Elevating the rear leg on a standard weight bench is typically the appropriate height for most adults. Adjust the height of the rear leg position based on your individual needs and goals. A beginner or someone with less range of motion may need to use a step instead of a bench for the rear leg.

Strip 18 Unbalanced Core Lunge Belfast

Have a shaker at the ready with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to sip between sets to support increased utilization of stored fat as fuel during training and to prevent massive soreness the following morning. The proprietary blends of amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed helps clients power through short yet highly intense training sessions with minimal rest periods necessary to maximize the release of fat burning hormones. 

Proper Posture Position

Start weight a conservative weight load and increase over time as strength levels increase with the Strip 18 Unbalanced Core Lunge. Contract the core muscles and focus on proper posture throughout each rep. Work to stay upright which means not leaning forward. The knee should track with the shoelaces and not in front of the toes.

Legs Working Hard

The weight load may be modest to start, however the unbalanced nature of the movement makes the glutes in particular fire much differently as clients notice during each set of the Strip 18 unbalanced core lunge. 18 total reps should be performed with each leg. Start each set with the weaker leg and take 30 seconds rest between legs.

Adjusting the weight load

It can take one or two sets to establish a challenging weight load that can be done with proper form. Plan to reduce the weight load one rep short of failure. Have another dumbbell ready to go to minimize rest during the weight load reduction.