Strip 18 Training Row

Strip 18 Training Row

Focus on the lats while keeping the traps down during the Strip 18 Training Row. A plate loaded machine with chest support is ideal for this movement. Those who do not have access to this equipment can use a chest supported dumbbell row on a thirty degree incline. Keep the palms facing each other and a low hand position grip helps to keep the traps down and focus on the lats.

Strip 18 Training Row

Strip 18 Training Row Extended Position

Adam took 8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer Capsules thirty minutes before the video session and had great power as well as strength endurance to complete repetition targets throughout the session. He ended up powering through multiple sets as there were many video takes witch each exercise. Adam used very high weight loads with quality rep executions and tempo speed throughout both video sessions two nights in a row to support maximizing rates of body fat loss and muscle growth at the same time. The days following muscle soreness and fatigue were little to none based on our conversations which were aided by the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder sipped throughout the 2 hour videos sessions.

Stripping the weight

For those wanting to maximize rates of body fat loss pick a weight that you think you can get for 9 reps with proper form and tempo. Tempo is the speed of the reps. Lower the weight load from the torso to the arms extended position above over three seconds. Do not let the arms go completely straight and maintain a ten degree elbow bend to minimize stress on the elbows.

One rep short of failure stop and reduce the weight load ten to twenty percent. If no training partner is available stop the movement and take off the weights before resuming right away for a total of 18 high quality reps. Anywhere from one to three weight load reductions may needed to complete the Strip 18 Training Row sequence with proper form and tempo.

Muscle Growth Focus Loads

Building the maximum amount of muscle requires heavier loading with proper form. In this case pick a weight that you think will work for six reps. Reduce the load by ten to twenty percent before aiming for 6 more reps and finally one more load strip of ten to twenty percent. Do not worry if you end up getting 5 reps, 7 reps and 6 reps for the final phase for example. The key is tension on the muscles for an extended period and gradual improvement.