Strip 18 Med Ball Squat

Strip 18 Medicine Ball Squat

Adjust the position of the weight load during the Strip 18 Med Ball Squat exercise to deal with built up fatigue. Holding the medicine ball away from the body creates more challenge for the core muscles and the legs at the same time. During the set bring the medicine ball closer to the chest so you can continue with high quality squat reps.

Strip 18 Med Ball Squat

Strip 18 Med Ball Squat Chest

Positioning the medicine ball close to the chest is much easier than hold the ball straight out in front. Adjust the medicine ball position during the set to deal with accumulated core muscle fatigue. 4 to 8 GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer Capsules before training will dramatically increase peak power and strength endurance without the use of stimulants. Key GCX10 ingredient lactoferrin has been proven in the research to get rid of stubborn and visceral fat.

18 reps will feel like an eternity when the form is executed correctly with three seconds down, a one second pause on bottom and one second to squat upward. Advanced clients can use a significant weight load with medicine balls ranging up to 50 pounds for part of the set if they have prepared properly for the workout with a great warm up and GCX10. The medicine ball weight can be reduced during the Strip 18 Med Ball Squat sets as well in addition to changing the position of the ball.

Six Pack Abs in the Mirror

Many clients enjoy doing this exercise in the mirror to see their abdominal muscles firing even while wearing a shirt. the lower back muscles are also forced to engage in an intense manner throughout the set. Keep the torso upright and never sacrifice form just to accommodate more weight load. In many cases the set can start with a 20 pound medicine ball and finish with body weight only for the last few reps which are extremely challenging .