Strip 18 Hamstring Slides

Strip 18 Hamstring Slides

Train the glutes, core and hamstrings through a functional range of motion with Strip 18 Hamstring Slides. This exercise is much more challenging than it looks a Leigh Jitt works extremely hard to keep the glutes and core in the proper position off the ground. The high glute contracted position enables the hamstrings to move through the full range of motion and to gain the most benefits from every rep.

Strip 18 Hamstring Slides

Strip 18 Hamstring Slides extended position

Leigh keeps her hips high and glutes contracted while having the legs extended with a 10 degree bend left in the knees. In addition to supporting excellent rates of body fat loss and improved digestion efficiency the EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst also can reduce joint problems. Proper digestion of foods and solving food allergies can help the body have a lower inflammatory response especially when the EZ14 and Alpha Omega M3 are used at the same time with a couple meals each day. 


Burning a Ton of Calories

Consider the massive amount of muscle that is working during each challenging rep which correlates very well to the number of calories burned during each set and ultimately the training session. Highly challenging exercises with fewer sets have the potential to burn more calories have a greater impact on metabolism as well as fat burning hormone levels for the following 48 hours compared to easier exercises done with more sets.

Hamstring Positions

On top of the movement the heels should be brought back to the point where they are directly under the knees as demonstrated in the video. The end point should appear as in the picture above with a slight bend in the knees while keeping the hips in a high position.

Rest Period of Adjustment

There is no external weight load for this movement, although advanced clients can hold a medicine ball between the knees. As a result after six well executed reps rest for thirty seconds, perform six more reps, rest thirty seconds and finally complete the last six reps for a total of 18 high quality reps. The Strip 18 Hamstring Slides require a great deal of focus and should not be done with poor form. It is ok to stop before getting 18 reps as strength builds up over the course of a 6 week training cycle.