Strip 18 Glute Raise

Strip 18 Glute Raise

Firm up the backside with the Strip 18 Glute Raise. Squeezing the ball between the knees throughout the entire set ads training benefits and contractions beyond what may be expected at the first look. Work to fully contract the glutes on the top of the exercise while holding medicine balls of different widths and weight loads.


Strip 18 Glute Raise

Strip 18 Glute Raise Bottom

A favorite movement of female clients for excellent recruitment of the glutes in particular to firm up in all of the right places. Female and Male clients alike enjoy the benefits of the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas which are scientifically engineered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to bust through the most significant metabolic and hormonal barriers to fat burning. Females wanting to get rid of stubborn lower body fat rely on the unique ability of the Fat Reduce FBO5 combination to shut off fat storage receptors which are highly dense in the lower body for women and mid section for men. 

Hold the Squeeze

Squeezing the glutes together on top of the Strip 18 Glute Raise for two to three seconds will intensify the movement especially when a challenging weight load medicine ball is used. Remember that the weight load can be reduced during the set by replacing the medicine ball with a lighter ball or using no ball at all to finish the set.

Partner Work

Having a partner slap the ball during the set will work as a physical reminder to squeeze the ball with great force during the entire set. It can be hard to see the partner manipulating the ball which ads to the challenge of squeezing throughout the set.

Notice the position of the hips in the picture above. Leigh Jitt an expert trainer in Belfast Northern Ireland gets her glutes within a couple inches of the floor on bottom of the Strip 18 Glute Raise movement to earn full range of motion.