Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions

Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions

Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions will stimulate the triceps with a full range of motion and unique execution during each rep. A triceps extension position on the back helps to reduce stress on the elbows when done correctly and offers great triceps recruitment due to a full range of motion.

Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions

Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions Set

Take advantage of the excellent blood created by the Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions Training by using the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately following training. The proprietary blends of amino acids Dr. Eric Serrano MD assembled based on years of research increase the usage of stored fat as fuel, drive more quality reps during challenging sets, provide muscles with instant growth as well repair materials and prevent massive soreness during the days following intense sessions that are under 45 minutes.


Full range of motion

Notice the proper position of the dumbbells at the bottom of the Strip 18 DB Rotation Triceps Extensions. The dumbbells are even with side of the top of the head and not the chin. Bringing the dumbbells towards the chin can impinge the elbows and lead to pain. The contraction of the triceps feels much better with the full range of motion.

Dumbbell shape

The shape of dumbbells used in the video and picture above are ideal as they can down farther than dumbbells with a wider weight. Touching the dumbbells on top of the shoulder is ideal for full range of motion without risking striking yourself in the face with the dumbbell.

Rotation during the rep

Rotating the dumbbell during the rep so that the finish point on top has the palms facing forward ads strategic variety and involves more heads of the muscle in comparison to using one grip throughout the movement. Personalized weight training and nutrition program client assessments include a review of prior training programs to determine which heads of the triceps may be weaker and out of balance. In most cases new clients are strongest with the neutral grip which has the palms facing each other while the supinated and pronated grips are much weaker. These strength deficits will increase the risk of injury while limiting the ability to improve strength and triceps muscle size.