Speed of Rep Execution Pulling Exercise

Assigning the correct speed to each phase of a repetition helps trainees get the most benefits out of every single set. Controlling the rep speed also known as tempo is crucial for improving body composition, explosive power and strength.

A set lasting 60 seconds with a challenging weight load and proper form will force your muscles work much harder and longer than what they are accustom. As a result lactic acid levels will go through roof which in turn drives up fat burning hormones.

Scott H. Mendelson explains how to implement the proper rep speed for a lat pull down.

Rep speed also known as tempo for this video example will be:


4 Seconds for the bar to travel from the chest to the top of the movement with the arms nearly straight. This is commonly referred to the negative phase of the rep. The technical term is the eccentric phase of the rep.

1 second pause on top with the arms nearly straight.

1 second to bring the bar down to the chest.

2 second pause on the chest with the intention of pulling the bar against a specific spot on the chest while imagining squeezing a grape between the shoulder blades.

For this example every rep should last 8 seconds. 4+1+1+2 = 8

A set of 10 reps would last 80 seconds in this case. Use a stop watch to time the length of your sets as well as your rest periods.