Six Pack Development Training Strategies

Six Pack Development Training Strategies

Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson discuss the importance of training the core muscles as nature intended to develop a great six pack. Using the right specialized exercises and training approach can also reduce the risk of certain injuries and improve performance. Read on to learn Six Pack Development Training Strategies.

Advanced six pack training strategies article includes excellent training videos and a sample core training routine.

Six Pack Development Training Strategies

Learn to train your core muscle as nature intended with exercises that force the core muscles to maintain balance of the torso. Unbalanced weight load exercises force the abdominal and support muscles to fully engage throughout the entire set while boosting fat burning hormones through the roof for the next 24-48 hours. Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies.

Real life movements are unbalanced

The foam roller incline dumbbell press using different weight loads for each arm to develop razor sharp 6 pack definition. The unbalanced loading forces the internal obliques, external obliques, upper pec and hips to engage as nature intended throughout the set. The GCX10 increases peak power and strength endurance while attacking visceral fat without the use of stimulants. The harder the exercises- the greater the impact of the GCX10 to support higher weight loads for more perfect form reps based on Dr. Serrano’s scientifically engineered ratios of ATP, Glycine and Lactoferrin.*

Extended Pauses

Scott H. Mendelson performed an incline press holding an 85 pound dumbbell in one hand and a 65 pound dumbbell in the other. A 4 second pause on bottom of a pressing movement forces the core muscles to engage intensely as balance must be maintained while holding dumbbells of unequal amounts on either side. The core muscles must initiate the pressing movement following the 4 second pause in the bottom position of the press. Your core muscles will be hard at work before your pressing muscles can even get started.