Shoulder Lateral Raise

Shoulder Lateral Raise with Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Lateral Raise with Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD instructs the proper execution of a dumbbell Shoulder Lateral Raise to target the desired muscles.  Keeping the elbows behind the ears throughout the movement makes every rep more challenging.

Shoulder Lateral Raise

Watch Scott H. Mendelson hit the lateral deltoid shoulder muscles effectively. Maintaining proper posture throughout the movement can help to prevent pressure on the biceps tendon which is commonly impinged for many trainees.

Keeping a ten to twenty degree elbow bend reduces stress on the wrists and elbows.  During the warm up pay close attention to the elbow bend which also helps to keep the dumbbells in proper alignment behind the ears.

No Speeding

Controlling the timing of each rep is very important during the lateral raise to minimize momentum while maximizing muscle tension.  Fast reps cause sloppy form which grind shoulder tissues causing pain during this exercise and many other shoulder exercises.

Check out the high tension arm training system to learn about great arm development.  Similar tactics can be applied to shoulder training which is very important for experienced trainees.

The greater the level of training experience, the greater the need for fresh training stimuli.  Cycling fresh training stimuli in a strategic manner every phase is one of our areas of specialties.

Our personalized training and nutrition program clients of all levels earn great success by executing the correct programs for their individual needs and goals. Most people repeat the same tired training programs for years on end and the muscles as well as the nervous system acclimate very quickly.

Training programs should change strategically every 6 weeks to accelerate progress.  We systematically rotate the exercises, number of sets, rep ranges, speed of reps, rest periods, special executions and more.  Knowing how to alter all of these elements takes years of experience working with successful clients.