Serrano Extensions

Serrano Extensions

Dr. Eric Serrano MD invented the Serrano Extensions to train the upper back and posterior shoulder muscles effectively. Shoulder pain and dysfunction is one of the most common problems Dr. Serrano will address with new patients visiting his office. Specialized exercise development to correct weaknesses, rehabilitate injuries, fix imbalances and to restore proper neurological firing patterns are frequent priorities Dr. Serrano must address to create desired patient outcomes.

Serrano Extensions

Practice this exercise with 2.5 to 5 pound dumbbells to start with the focus being on perfect execution. Target a high point for the dumbbells during the exercise to achieve proper range of motion. Most people struggle with the proper level of external rotation during the Serrano Extensions and let the dumbbells sag down towards the floor. This is not desirable and indicates that the weight load is too heavy.

Rest the chest against a 30 degree incline bench and keep the toes planted into the floor. Watch as Dr. Serrano adjusts the body position of Scott Mendelson for proper execution. Moving the torso off the bench increases the difficulty while involving more of the back musculature intentionally to reflect demands the body faces during daily life as well as competition.

Progressive Loading

Weight loading should progress over the course of a six week plan, but the Serrano Extensions were never intended for very heavy weight loading. An elite professional athlete may be able to use twenty pound dumbbells with proper form after many training cycles using this particular movement. A recreational trainee would be considered to be extremely strong by using ten pound dumbbells in each arm for six to eight repetitions for three sets during a single training session.

Advanced Variations

There are many execution patterns that can be added to the Serrano Extensions to increase the strategic challenges while providing fresh stimuli.