Rotating Caloric Intake for Efficient Fat Burning

Dr. Eric Serrano MD explains the importance of changing the caloric intake on certain days of the week to prevent metabolic staleness. Accelerate Body Fat Loss and Increase Energy Levels with macronutrient cycling. How to execute a food diary to solve fat loss problems. In many cases a food diary reveals that patients are not eating enough quality calories.

Consuming the same amount of calories for 7-10 body days will make the body acclimate to caloric consumption and create a homeostasis condition. Homeostasis status will impact fat burning enzyme levels and other factors which govern the rate of fat burning.

In many cases men need to increase their caloric intake from quality sources while changing the macronutrient break down to support their goals.

Women in many cases need to reallocate their caloric intake by eliminating dairy for example in favor of other quality food sources. The caloric intake must differ for at least 2 days out of 7 to prevent metabolic staleness. Dietary fat and carbohydrate loading are strategies used to shift the caloric intake in a strategic manner.
Individual result may vary. Do not make changes to your exercise or nutrition program without consulting your doctor.