Rhomboid Pull Down

Rhomboid Pull Down

The triceps rope was chosen for the rhomboid pull down to increase range of motion, emphasize the often neglected rhomboids and to challenge grip strength among other benefits. Learning the correct way to execute this exercise takes some time and should be done with reduced weight load especially during warm up sets. The increased rhomboid emphasis activates muscles that may have become inactive over time making this a great exercise to be done at the start of a training session.


Rhomboid Pull Down

Grip muscles on fire

The rope creates a great deal more challenge for gripping muscles especially when the hands are placed towards the top of the rope at the start of the set. Around mid-way through the Rhomboid Pull Down set the grip strength will being to fatigue which requires a move to the lower position on the rope. The lower position allows for a wider lat spread on bottom of the rep by pulling the rope apart with the elbows back as demonstrated in the video. This is a great movement for waking up the lower portion of the lat which is hard to reach with typical vertical pulling movements.

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Attention to detail

We always start upper body workouts with a posterior shoulder, mid back or other specialized movement to activate specific muscles and to fix weak links. Dr. Serrano performs assessments of all patients and takes time in the office to instruct specialized movements needed to correct injuries, prevent future problems and to drastically improve performance. Starting the workout with a pulling movement such as the Rhomboid Pull Down can help to prevent shoulder and other joint pain before performing pressing later in the session.

Keep the Traps Down!

Dr. Serrano shouts the instruction of keeping the traps down several times during most training sessions to encourage training partners, athletes, medical students and anyone else who dares to enter his gym to execute movements correctly. Imagine a string tied from the lower portion of your traps to your waist line. You want the string to be short as possible while performing upper body movements to put many structures into the optimal position.

The inability to properly engage the traps and other upper/mid back muscles is a leading cause behind shoulder injuries. Similar difficulties also negatively impact the lat development which relates to upper and lower body dysfunction.