Rear Leg Elevated Lunge Series Advanced Tips

Rear Leg Elevated Lunge Series

Develop functional leg strength and a sexy core with specialized rear leg elevated lunge executions. This is a great movement to earn firm glutes, hamstring and quads.

Holding one dumbbell during the exercise in the hand opposite of the working leg forces the core muscles to engage during the entire set. The heavier the dumbbell the greater the challenge, but be sure not to sacrifice proper form. Functional core work is the key to developing a strong and sexy core.

The rear leg elevated lunge is an excellent exercise when performed correctly.

Pushing the rear foot into the bench increases the muscle contraction intensity while stretching the psoas during the exercise. A tight psoas is problematic for many trainees.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD discusses the proper torso alignment and provides useful tips to prevent inappropriate forward lean position. The torso should be perfectly straight during the lowering and lifting phase of the exercise. Holding the dumbbell close to the hip helps to maintain a proper alignment.

A foot position farther from the bench with the front foot increases the glute and hamstring recruitment. A closer position to the bench emphasizes the quad.