Pull Push Cable Dumbbell Complex

Pull Push Cable Dumbbell Complex

Train the chest, back and core all at the same time with Dr. Serrano’s new exercise invention. The Pull Push Cable Dumbbell Complex is an example of innovative exercise that Dr. Serrano develops regularly to help his clients reach their goals.

Pull Push Cable Dumbbell Complex

Dr. Serrano works with numerous professional athletes who need to improve performance while reducing the risk of injury. The functional nature of pulling with one arm and pressing with the other at the same time is multi dimensional.

Athletic competition is never completely balanced as athletes move and engage in many ways throughout a game. The core muscles must be ready for these unexpected movements to improve performance and to protect against injury.

The GCX10 was formulated for elite athletes to improve peak power and strength endurance while attacking stubborn body fat. Dr. Eric Serrano MD scientifically engineered the GCX10 based on published research and extensive patient trials. A recent study demonstrated ATP in a high dosage available in one serving of the GCX10 demonstrates the ability to double the rate of peak power development of vertical jump, broad jump, long jump, squat and deadlift in comparison to the control group.

Keep the thumb of the pulling arm against the torso while the other arm completes the number of pressing reps. The weight load on the cable stack will make the pulling portion of the set very challenging. Keep the traps down and the lats engaged during the entire set.

The feet should be firmly placed against the floor for stability. Keep the lower back against the incline bench for support. A qualified spotter must be on the same side of the working arm with the dumbbell for safety.

Take a gradual approach to increasing the weight load so that proper form and execution can be perfected. The first couple sessions using the Pull Push Cable Dumbbell Complex will require additional warm up sets to learn the movement.