Prone Triceps Kick Backs

There is much more to triceps training than triceps push downs and dips. Triceps push downs are a common source of elbow pain. Dips are typically performed incorrectly which causes impingement of the shoulder.

Add strategic variety to your training plan and fix the weakest links to improve triceps development. Set the bench at a 30 degree incline position. Our personalized program clients have made huge progress using specialized exercises to improve body composition and performance.

Improve athletic function with multiple grips to target all three heads of the triceps.

The supinated grip targets the long head of the triceps involves shoulder extension. This grip is typically much weaker than a standard neutral grip. The pronated grip which targets the medial head of the triceps is most often the weakest of the three grips.

Keep the elbows “high” throughout the movement exercise which may require less weight loading. The prone triceps kick back exercises are much more beneficial with the proper form and a reduced weight load. Pausing at the top of the movement with the elbows extended just short of lock out is extremely difficult.