Pectoral Muscle Stretching

Pectoral Muscle Stretching

Proper stretching techniques are crucial for reducing the risk of injury, improving performance, expanding range of motion and increasing lean muscle in certain situations. Dr. Eric Serrano MD has developed many stretching techniques as a part of his medical practice to improve patient performance outcomes. Pectoral Muscle Stretching can have a big impact on posture and prevent excessive internal rotation of the shoulders.

Pectoral Muscle Stretching

Scott H. Mendelson performs three versions of a doorway stretch to improve flexibility. Pressing the fingertips against the way increases the engagement of the stretch to make each second more productive. Stretching drills should never be done to a point of pain to prevent injury.

Well planned stretching sessions offer a great opportunity to accelerate recovery of muscles by increasing blood flow. We highly suggest consuming the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around weight training and stretching sessions so that the correct amino acid ratios can be delivered to working muscles within seconds.*

Stretching the Fascia can improve rates of muscle growth

Consider the fascia to be a bag surrounding the muscles. These bags can become very tight for a number of reasons which limits rates of muscle growth. A failure to address overall muscle and fascia tightness will block trainees from reaching their full performance and physique potential.

Stretching timing is everything

Accelerating recovery between training sessions with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis will help muscles respond better to stretching sessions. Ideally stretching sessions will be performed 4 to 6 hours following weight training. Stretching immediately after weight training can be counter productive.

The intensity of the stretch depends on the needs of each individual person and the quality of their execution. Stretching routines can become very strenuous in nature especially for a professional athlete under expert supervision.

Static stretching should not be done before weight training. Dynamic stretching methods should be part of the weight training warm up.