Parental Essential Oils

Parental Essential Oils

Consuming the correct balance of dietary fats including Parental Essential Oils is absolutely crucial for ideal body composition, daily energy and more. Dr. Eric Serrano MD explains the importance of Parental Essential Oils to support the utilization of dietary fats within supplementation as well as the diet.

Parental Essential Oils

Alpha Omega M3 contains EPA and DHA (fish) oil which are molleculary distilled for for toxin elimination. Based on many years of patient testing and research Dr. Serrano also includes a proprietary blend of CLA, GLA, ALA, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palmitoleic acid and Flaxseed oil to ensure the body has all of the elements needed for excellent absorption.*

Eric Serrano MD refers to Omega 7 which is also known as Palmitoleic acid as parental oil.

Most “fish oil” products are generic in nature and good for general purposes only unless they are contaminated which makes them worthless. Dr. Serrano selected dark capsules that are very thick to protect the delicate ingredient ratios within the Alpha Omega M3 from oxidation.

Alpha Omega M3 presents a tremendous value with all of the key ingredients within one capsule. The right combination of essential fats work in synergistic fashion.

The ideal amounts of essential fats may not be able to be obtained from foods on a daily basis for several reasons. The food supply does not hold the same nutrition value compared to time periods when different farming and preparation methods were used. Commercially raised cows for example have far less omega 3 within the beef they produce compared to grass fed cows.

Farm raised fish and seafood also lack nutrient value compared to wild caught options. The same farm raised fish options do not taste as good while having much higher toxin content.

Proper essential fatty acid intake is needed on a daily basis including parental essential oils to hedge your bets against deficiencies which can create many different problems.