Manual Assistance Concentration Curl

Manual assistance techniques provide a razor sharp edge for advanced trainees to improve bicep size and definition.

The first five reps of a set can be used to stimulate muscle fibers and pre exhaust before the final two manual assistance reps. Keep in mind that your concentric strength (ability to lift a weight) exhausts before your eccentric strength (ability to lower a weight load).

As a result the manual assistance technique will enable you to add two highly beneficial reps to your sets in order to stimulate an even greater cross section of muscle fibers. Increased muscle fiber stimulation offers significantly more opportunities for muscles to grow when the right recovery conditions are in place.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder consumed before, sipped during and immediately after training provide a muscle growth powerhouse. The proprietary blend of amino acids Dr. Serrano developed lay the perfect raw material foundation for accelerated muscle growth, recovery and peak levels of performance.*

Warning: Manual Assistance training techniques can cause extreme muscle soreness. This training execution is not for beginners and should not be performed without expert program design supervision to ensure success. The proper recovery conditions must be in place to prevent overtraining which include reduced training session volume and frequency.

Consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise or nutrition programs.

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