Long Head Biceps Curl Strip Sets

Long Head Biceps Curl Strip Sets

Long Head Biceps Curl Strip sets sets create the opportunity to extend the productive length of a set. We strategically reduced the weight load so more high quality reps can be achieved with minimal rest during the second phase of the set. During this training session we had planned to get 4-6 reps for the first phase of the set with perfect form and repetition speed. The second phase of the strip set was designed to do as many reps as possible with proper form following a “stripping” of the load by 15-20%.

Long Head Biceps Curl Strip sets

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Long head biceps curl strip set

Targeting the long head of the biceps is an excellent way to improve arm development. Most biceps exercises focus on the short head which can lead to imbalances. Taking the dumbbell all the way to the top of the shoulder is very important for gaining the most benefits out of every rep. The weight load may need to be to reduced for the first couple week using this exercise. Trainees can increase weight loads with proper form over the course of a 6 week plan by accelerating recovery of the muscles as well as the nervous system.

Rep speeds

Lower the weight load from the top position over 3 seconds. Pause in the bottom position for 1 second while maintaining tension. Lift the weight load in 1 second and finally contract the muscle on top of the movement for 1 second. This make every rep last 6 seconds which requires a great deal of focus and energy.