KISS Fat Loss Nutrition System 1

The KISS Fat Loss Nutrition plan is highly advanced yet simple to execute. Eating “clean” is not enough to earn a low body fat percentage. The correct nutrition plan must be in place to force the body to burn a greater percentage of stored fat as fuel. Macronutrient cycling prevents metabolic staleness, increases fat burning enzymes and naturally optimizes fat burning hormones. Scott H. Mendelson presents the unique fat burning advantages.

Fat burning kick starter

Aggressive fat loss tactics include eliminating all carbohydrate with the exception of green vegetables for 14 days. The absence of carbohydrate and other strategies within the KISS Fat Loss Nutrition program helps the body shift to using a higher percentage of stored fat as fuel. A high green vegetable intake provides vital dietary fiber content, anti-oxidants and natural detoxification benefits. Focusing on organic foods and grass fed protein choices are also a powerful step towards improved body composition and daily energy.

Dietary fat and carbohydrate loading

‎Following the 14 day period our clients utilize carbohydrate and dietary fat loading feasts to increase fat burning/muscle building enzymes, prevent metabolic staleness and to naturally optimize fat burning hormones. The amounts of food, combinations, timing and frequency depend on many individual client factors and their rate of fat burning progress. Individual factors include stress levels, training volume, training frequency, competition demands, genetics, gender, sleep quality, food allergies/sensitivities and more.