Ischemic Triceps Kick Backs

Ischemic Triceps Kick Backs

Training the triceps with an ischemic execution makes muscles work nearly twice as hard every set. You will feel an awesome contraction and great pump when performing the ischemic triceps kick backs. Our clients use the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after training sessions to accelerate recovery, fat loss and muscle growth.*


Ischemic triceps kick backs

Scott H. Mendelson instructs Peter Baird to perfect the form and execution of this innovative exercise. We start the sequence with a supinated or otherwise known as a reverse grip to target the long head of the triceps. The long head of the triceps is often under developed due to poor training program design.

Peter starts the set with his left arm held in the top contracted position of the kick back while the right arm does six reps. Notice how hard the left triceps muscles are working just to stay in the top position.

After completely six reps switch the positions with the right arm holding the contracted position on top while the left arm does six excellent reps. The burning sensation is lactic acid which is a pre cursor to a natural increase of growth hormone. Growth hormone is a powerful natural fat burning agent.

The strip set

The set is only half way done after completing the ischemic portion. Peter reduces the load by 25% and does eight traditional reps with a faster rep speed to take full advantage of the condition created by the ischemic work.

Triceps head targeting

A pronated grip with the palms facing the ceiling at the finish point on top with target the medial head of the triceps. Finally the neutral grip position with the palms facing each other will provide the most stimulation to the lateral head of the triceps.

Form tips

Set the bench incline at 30 degrees and place the feet firmly into the floor. Keep the elbows in a high position throughout the exercise to keep the emphasis on the triceps.

Strategic pause on top of the rep

A two second pause on top of the movement creates an awesome muscle contraction to increase the benefit of every rep. This takes tremendous concentration and requires a reduced weight load for most trainees especially as they start to learn the exercise.