Ischemic Serrano Extensions

Eric Serrano MD demonstrates the Serrano Press with a special ischemic execution to add strategic challenges for advanced clients. Bulletproof your upper back to improve performance, muscular development and to prevent injury.

Notice the height of the dumbbells which are sustained throughout the entire set. As fatigue sets in it is easy to leg the dumbbells drop closer towards the floor. The loss of height must be prevented by concentrating on this element during the set and lowering the weight load.

Dr. Serrano grips the end of the dumbbell to improve grip strength and to increase the length of the dumbbell lever which increases the difficulty of the exercise. Changing grips in this fashion provides fresh stimuli for the nervous system which is especially important for experienced trainees. A longer dumbbell lever forces the upper back muscles to work much harder to balance the less stable load.

Dr. Serrano invented a ischemic strength training based on years of his own experimentation with patients to improve strength, athletic performance, and muscle development. Ischemic strength training can be used by medical professionals to rehabilitate and prevent injuries.