Ischemic Rear Leg Elevated Lunge

Ischemic strength training methods were designed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to improve body composition, professional athletic performance and functional strength. Dr. Serrano’s patients utilize specialized ischemic strength movements to rehabilitate and prevent injuries only under expert supervision.

Reduce muscle soreness

The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder are scientifically engineered to accelerate recovery of both the muscles and the nervous system. Ischemic lower body training executions will cause very high levels of muscle soreness if the correct recovery acceleration protocols are not used.

Dr. Serrano spent many years developing the specific ingredient ratios exclusive to the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis based on published research, hormonal blood work, muscle biopsies, patient feedback reviews, professional athlete consulting and more. This action packed stack increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel during exercise, improves performance, fights fatigue and lays the ideal raw material foundation for accelerated muscle repair.

Ischemic strength training

The ischemic conditions are achieved during extended pauses or partial range of motion rep executions. Scott H. Mendelson demonstrates an ischemic execution with a grueling fifteen second hold in a specific position.

Advanced ischemic strength training executions

From the top of the rep go down to the bottom, go up 1/4 of the way and pause for 15 seconds while maintaining the proper torso and lower body positions. The knee should remain stable throughout the movement. Excessive shaking of the knee or difficulty maintaining the position indicates the weight load is too high.

Ischemia occurs during the fifteen second pause as the muscle is contracted which also stimulates the muscles extensively.

Do not utilize ischemic strength training techniques without consulting your doctor to ensure that the exercises are appropriate.