Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition

Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition

Low testosterone levels are a growing problem among adult men which leads to increased body fat levels, decreased mental performance at work, reduced muscle mass, poor energy, irritability, low sex drive, difficulty sleeping, poor athletic performance, elevated risk of heart attack and other problems. Women may face similar problems with estrogen imbalances impact their quality of life, body composition and more. Dr. Eric Serrano MD discusses Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition and how the levels of many hormones impact each other.*

Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition

Four strategies for naturally increasing testosterone levels:

High density 30-45 minute weight training sessions 3 to 4 times per week pending recovery capabilities.

Eliminate steady state cardio in favor of interval sprints using a variety of joint friendly modes of exercise.

Increase dietary fat from Grass fed and organic monounsaturated as well as saturated fat sources.

Accelerate recovery with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after training sessions which leads to reduced stress hormones that otherwise run in opposition to testosterone.

Consuming the wrong types of dietary fat including polyunsaturated sources such as soy bean and canola oil which are found in many diet friendly foods can contribute to low Testosterone and poor fat cell function. These same ingredients interfere with the ability of men and women to lose body fat. Soy bean and canola oil are found in a majority of salad dressings, dips and many other packaged goods.

Grass Fed Beef Advantages

Grass fed beef contains high amount of saturated fat which can be great for increasing testosterone levels. Saturated fats from commercially raised animals can cause many problems due to estrogen injections, overuse of antibiotics, and unnaturally poor omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid balance related to artificial feeding techniques.

Where’s your beef been?

Hopefully roaming free in a large pastures instead of tight quarters eating grain and being shot up with estrogen to make the cows fatter. Cows that are organically raised with a diet of grass as nature intended and an absence of hormonal treatments such as estrogen produce a far superior quality of meat vs. commercially raised animals. Excellent sources of saturated fat can also include grass fed bison, organically raised lamb, free range chicken, organic dairy products including butter and more.

Ideal monounsaturated fats include extra virgin olive from a dark bottle or can, avocados and raw nuts.

  • What dietary fats to avoid and which ones to consume
  • How to use carbohydrate to naturally optimize hormones
  • Evaluating the hormonal landscape to form solutions

Women face similar hormonal challenges which can also be negatively impacted by consuming the wrong dietary fat choices. Dr. Eric Serrano MD explains that hormones such as estrogen and testosterone should never be evaluated in isolation. Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition involves the entire hormonal environment must be taken into account when assembling a corrective nutrition, training and supplement plan.

Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition

Carbohydrate intake is activity dependent and can be structured into a low carb diet to enhance rates of fat burning while naturally optimizing the hormonal environment. Scott Mendelson builds carbohydrate into certain post workout meals in combination with the Alpha Omega M3 for his personalized training and nutrition program clients. The special blend of essential fats Dr. Serrano developed within the AOM3® optimize insulin sensitivity while driving raw materials including carbohydrate into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into fat cells.*

Zero carb intake drops testosterone levels

Dr. Serrano is a leading expert in the field of Hormonal Evaluation for Optimal Body Composition based on nearly twenty years of work with highly successful patients from all walks of life. A nutrition plan that eliminates carbohydrate for too long can be problematic in many ways including lowering testosterone levels. A conservative amount of carbohydrate using the correct sources, timing and food combinations can lower SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) which can naturally improve Free Testosterone levels.

Carbohydrate intake is activity dependent

The need for some carbohydrate intake is not an excuse to consume grains, sugars or refined foods. Specific fruits and other sources can work well combined with protein and dietary fat sources during certain meals. The disease state must be taken into account when planning carbohydrate intake. Diabetics in particular must be very careful.