High Calorie Day Strategies

High Calorie Day

High Calorie Day strategies to accelerate fat burning and to peak the physique. Earn a leaner body with razor sharp definition. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson discuss the importance of using a high calorie day once every 10-14 days depending on the client individual needs. Dr. Serrano shares and example of an Italian bodybuilder client who came to see him during his show preparation.*

Razor sharp six pack definition

Our clients benefit tremendously from the proprietary ratios exclusive to the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to support muscle fullness and significant body fat reduction while preparing for shows, photo shoots, vacations or other important events when the physique must be razor sharp.*

Eating “clean” is not enough to earn a low body fat

Eating the same foods, meal frequencies and macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate and dietary fat) percentages causes progress plateaus. The body naturally wants to stored body fat to promote survival in case of emergencies. Mastering the inner workings of metabolism, hormones, the nervous system and more teaches that strategic changes to the nutrition plan must be made throughout the week to maximize fat burning and energy levels.*

Peaking the physique for vacation

Going from a soft body to a razor sharp physique for a competition or vacation.

Establishing the correct nutrition program adjustments during the last six weeks before a show or vacation date are absolutely crucial. Determine which food sources and amounts work best for the individual in advance so a protocol can be put together. The proper calibrations will make the physique look much leaner while the muscles appear fuller.*

Pre contest bodybuilding diet

Bodybuilders for years have struggled with the last few days of show prep and have often times ruined months of hard work by using the wrong approach a few days leading up to a show.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD internships

One of Dr. Serrano’s two week internship program interns from Dublin Ireland measured body fat percentages with specific caliper sites so the impact of the high calorie day could be measured approximately 12 hours later.*

Evaluating the client physique during the hours following certain meals revealed very important information. The addition of specific carbohydrate amounts over the course of the 12 hours gradually make the muscles denser while the overall physique became tighter especially in the mid-section.*

Stubborn fat folds on the glutes and hamstrings drastically reduced over the 12 hour period which can be explained by transferring energy substrates and water from those areas into the muscle bellies.*